03 June 2009

what's {not} cooking wednesdays

sadly, what's cooking wednesdays may have to take a little hiatus for the month of june. our fiscal year ends june 30, which means the next couple of weeks will be filled with late nights of lean cuisines and emergen-C. in the meantime, let's discuss a recent discovery.

one of my go-to weekday breakfast items are the eggo nutri-grain blueberry waffles. two of them, fresh out of the toaster, with a little smart balance and mrs. butterworth's lite = delicious breakfast in about 3 minutes.

in my attempts to have more money for shoes be more budget-conscious, i decided to give the Kroger brand multi-grain waffles a try. epic fail. these things were like eating cardboard, and no amount of faux butter and glorified splenda-water could save them.

lesson learned: sometimes you just need to shell out the additional 75 cents and go for name brand.


Red and White Preppy said...

Hahahaha...that write-over had me giggling! I try to do cheaper (to save for clothes), and it usually isn't better!