05 February 2013

Valentine's Cards

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

I love any excuse to order gorgeous paper products.  Here's a round-up of my favorite Valentine's Day cards on Etsy.  M will be receiving one of these.  Which one is your favorite?

As a bonus, Allison from Fuzzy Grapefruit {the artist behind the adorable Food Loves series in pictures 4 + 5} is offering free shipping to Belle on Heels readers through the end of February with code 'BELLESHIPPING'!


Portuguese Prepster said...

Love the guac and salsa!

McV said...

Me too! I just bought the salsa card. I told my husband once that one of the ways I knew this was going to work out was that he doesn't like salsa or guac as much as I do and I wouldn't have to worry about a lifetime of sharing my salsa and guacamole. I'm an only child if you can't tell. ;)

Anonymous said...

These are just darling, all of them. I am partial to the bacon & eggs, I've no idea why!

Sending you a smile Miss Belle!

Jessie Springer said...

I adore the chips & salsa card - perfect for my Valentine!

Thanks for sharing!