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27 April 2011

wedding wednesday

yikes, i didn't realize how long it had been since i posted!  we have entered the last quarter of our work year, and between being short staffed and our alumni reunion weekend just 15 days away, it is a perfect storm of pure chaos at our office.  add all of the wedding stuff on top {mine AND the 6 other wedding we're attending between now and ours} and i am a bit of a basketcase.  i took the day off last monday to go home and work on some assorted wedding details.  at the end of the day, all i could think about what how much stuff i have to do between now and october!

i did manage to book a florist with whom i am so excited to work.  i really wanted someone who would be a floral designer.  i knew that i didn't want to walk in to the meeting and have him say, "tell me what you want and that's what we'll do." my flower vocabulary is hopelessly limited.  i know what flowers i don't like, and i can name a few that i do like.  and i knew what color{s} i wanted and didn't want.  so i wanted someone to look at my inspiration pictures, understand the "theme" of the wedding, take my budget into account, and just run with it creatively.  i know that our florist is going to do just that and make everything so beautiful.

one other big thing to cross off the list: save-the-dates! as of this morning, they are all addressed.  i just need to stamp them and sweet talk my post office into hand-cancelling them for me.  the goal is for them to be on the way to everyone by friday.  i won't post pictures on here {yet} since several readers are also wedding guests AND since our fabulous stationer, ashley, is planning doing a sneak peek on her blog, but i will say that they are just fabulous.  i LOVE them.

we're going ring shopping this weekend, so maybe i can mark another thing off of the intimidatingly large to-do list in front of me!

that's all she wrote for now, folks.  sorry for the absence and boring post today.  i'm hoping to be back on my game with something a little more entertaining in the near future.

06 April 2011

THE {other} dress: update

well, folks, we found it.  THE bridesmaids' dress.  after 2 months of searching and approximately 3 trillion e-mails, we have a winner!

it meets all of my requirements {blue, not strapless, less than $200}. i LOVE its simplicity.  i never worry about the customer service at nordstrom, and i know it's easy for my girls to purchase.  done and done.  several of the girls' dresses have already arrived and one of my girls has promised to bring the dress with her when she's home for easter so we can have a little bridesmaid fashion show.

as for shoes and accessories, i'm largely leaving that up to each maid.  for shoes, i told everyone gold, strappy heels of some sort.  i figure a lot of people already have something that meets that description from college formals, and for those who don't, you can easily find a pair in any price range.  i'm not really dictating anything for jewelry.  since i really wanted everyone in the same dress, i think having everyone express her own personal style through jewelry and shoes {within reason} will be fun.

i can't tell you what a relief it is to cross this off of my little to-do list.  right now, the last big hurdle to cross is booking a florist and i have meetings set up here in a few weeks, so hopefully that will be taken care of before too long.  we are less than 7 months away, people!

23 March 2011

THE {other} dress

as it turns out, finding the perfect bridesmaids' dress poses a much bigger challenge than finding the perfect wedding dress, or at least that's the case for me.  i've been back and forth with my amazing attendants for over a month now and still nothing.  originally, we had pretty much decided on the silk taffeta blakely dress from j.crew in dark pacific.  they sent me a color swatch {it was perfect!}, it met my comfortable and non-strapless requirement {looks so feminine!}, and everyone seemed to like it.  plus, jamie on the j.crew bridal hotline was over-the-top helpful and sweet. i couldn't wait to do business with them.

and then i saw a picture of it on "real" bridesmaids in the southern living wedding magazine and it looked awful.  universally unflattering, to the point where i couldn't tell whether or not several girls were pregnant. yikes.  no way i'm asking my ladies to shell out $250+ for a dress that may or may not even look good.

so i looked again.  my requirements are:
1.) navy blue
2.) NOT strapless
3.) $200 or less

here are my current top three:

via, in midnight

i also sent the following dresses to the ladies.  {in hindsight, i realize this is an overwhelming number of choices!}

via, in midnight

via, in ink

as you can see, i am drowing here! please help me and let me know which ones get your thumbs up/thumbs down.

on a positive note, the groomsmen's ties arrived today and they are SO perfect! i'm searching for a picture of them and will post soon. MCW, you're going to love them :)

16 February 2011

wedding wednesday

say hello to my wedding shoes!

christian louboutin joli noeud pumps. i die.

i just ordered these, so this is wedding shoes take one, but i'm hoping they will be perfect and no more takes will be necessary!

02 February 2011

wedding wednesday

so after last week's poll, it seems like my readers {most of them!} are going to be a little disappointed to learn that we've hired a DJ, not a band.  bands seems to be a VERY southern thing, so i guess it's a little odd that we're not going that route.  but DJ's are less expensive, take up less space, and play the songs we want to hear the way they were originally recorded.  we want our first dance to actually be sung by otis redding, not a guy singing an otis redding song.  we want to shake our booties to br*itney spe*ars and wh*itney h*ouston, not a band trying to recreate our favorites.  we've both heard some wonderful wedding bands, but for us, a DJ was the obvious choice.

the last big thing for us me to decide on is a florist.  i'm meeting with several different florists in a few weeks.  i'm 99.9% sure that i want an all-white bouquet.  the look of bay leaf garlands is really growing {no pun intended} on me.  i'm thinking blue-ish bouquets for the bridesmaids. and i ADORE the idea of incorporating apples into our floral arrangements. here are some pictures i'm bringing with me for inspiration:

the knot

martha stewart weddings

the knot

the knot

the knot

the knot

the knot

better homes and gardens

the knot

so what do you think?

26 January 2011

wedding wednesday

i want to start introducing some of the AMAZING vendors i'll be working with to make my our wedding vision come to life. 

the first vendor i'll "showcase" is sweet ashley over at lemon and lavender.  i've been a follower of ashley's lovely blog for quite awhile and i love the touch of understated whimsy in all her work, so she was an easy choice to be our stationer.

i had looked and looked and looked online to try and find exactly what i wanted, not just for our invitations but for our "look".  i really want to brand our wedding, so it was important to me that the save-the-dates, inviations, and all the other little stationery at the ceremony and reception have the same logo, font, and "feel".  i couldn't find anything that even remotely came close to what i wanted, so going custom was the only option.

ashley has been fabulous to deal with so far, and i am so excited to see what she creates for our wedding.  look at some of the gorgeous items from her portfolio:

her style is so elegant, and she has the most GORGEOUS little family! hop on over to her blog and check her out.