30 March 2009

Bridal Shower HELP!!

So one of my besties is getting married in July. I'm going to an around-the-clock bridal shower for her in T-minus two weeks. My time? 4pm. WTF. We're still at WORK at 4pm. So then I was like, OK well maybe cocktail hour. Except they already had a Stock the Bar engagement party in November.

So this is where y'all come in: I am beyond stumped at a cute, thoughtful, useful, creative wedding shower gift that goes with a time of 4pm. I'm turning to y'all for suggestions. What are gifts that you have gotten or given that you looooved? What else could work for 4pm?


25 March 2009

Blogger Love

How much am I loving Sweet Tea Diaries right now?!?  First off, she was my swap partner for Lou Lou's Spring Stationary Swap, and I got the most wonderful box of goodies.  I wish I had thought to take a picture of how pretty and neatly she had everything wrapped {pink and green glen plaid paper and coordinating tissue paper}, but I was so busy tearing into everything that I forgot.  Whoops.  I got 3 new stationary sets, an adorable coupon organizer, new pens, recipe cards, magnets, and a cute little tin full of chocolate.  Yummmmmm

Then I find out that she's hosting a blog makeover giveaway.  Ummm....I WANT THAT!!!  My blog is in serious need of some TLC.  If you haven't started reading her blog, please scoot on over there and check her out.  She is a sweetheart {and keep your fingers crossed you get her in the next blogging swap!}

Happy Hump Day!

23 March 2009

My impulse buy is your gain!

Hi lovelies! This weekend I attended the monthly J.Crew warehouse sale (I live an hour away from their distribution center) and got some great new things. But in my elbowing-other-women-out-of-the-way fervor, I bought a beautiful dress that doesn't actually fit me. So before I put it on eBay, I thought I'd offer it up to my lovely bloggers.

It is a cotton jersey maxi dress in a light grass green color, size S. Perfect for the beach or casual summer weddings! The tags are marked out since they were bought at a warehouse sale, but it's brand-new, never been worn. I am offering it for $60 (the price I paid) + s/h Sorry for the not-so-hot quality of the pictures....my digital died a few weeks ago and I had to use my b-berry to take these :( If you're interested or you know any fellow bloggers who might be, please leave me a comment with your e-mail address and I'll be in touch. Happy shopping!

view of the back

view of the front

close-up of the front

19 March 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Not Christmas, silly! Spring! More specifically.....MARCH MADNESS!!!

I ran around like a crazy woman all morning so I could finish up all of my errands for the week/weekend and not feel guilty about being glued to my TV/computer for the next 16 days. OMG....I just love the Madness! And my little ole' bleeding heart was beyond thrilled to see that President Obama and I have picked the same Elite Eight, Final Four, title game, and overall winner. I'm taking that as a good sign {although Butler and Memphis are doing all they can right now to eff up my bracket...}

If you don't hear from me for the next 2 weeks, well, you'll know what I'm doing.....let's go 'Heels!!

17 March 2009

I truly believe this...

Happy St. Patty's Day! Wishing you many Ps of Gs (pints of Guinness and pots of gold)!

16 March 2009

Bad Belle

So I'm normally a pretty healthy eater. But this weekend {I think it was all the crappy weather...} I was craving some major junk food and gave in. Big Time. Pizza, stuffed shells, a donut {or three}, and my spring favorite: Cadbury Mini-Eggs! Normally I don't beat myself up over a few treats, but this was like 3 days of whatever I want, I eat. Oopsy :)

However, this blog makes me feel waaaaaaaay better about myself. Consider yourself warned: it can be kind of gross. People actually eat this stuff. WOW. But I'm like, Wow, OK even on a bad day, I'm way better than these folks. Try it out the next time you indulge your Chipotle craving.

One more food-related blog that i looooove is Cake Wrecks. If you're ever bored at work or just need to laugh, please visit. Some of the posts are kind of mediocre, but some of them are HILARIOUS. This one is my all-time favorite, but I also recommend checking out the Wedding Wrecks and ALL of the holiday posts.

Happy Monday, lovelies!!

update: as i sit here updating my bracket for about the 10th time today, an ad for reese's cups popped up. thank god there's a salmonella scare right now, or i would be on my way to cvs for a big, fat reese's egg. will someone please make my inner fat kid shut up?!

15 March 2009

One year ago today...

THIS psycho little bundle of fur came into my life. My daddy and I packed up the car with his crate, new collar and leash set {monogrammed, natch}, and a handful of dog treats. We made the 90 mile drive to his foster mommy's home, said a lot of tearful good-byes, and he's been my #1 guy ever since.55 pounds {him, not me!} and one year later, the Puppy Boy {PB} has cost me untold thousands of dollars in vet bills, boarding fees, and dog food. He has shed approximately six million pounds of fur onto my furniture, floors, and clothes. He has pooped on the carpet of my boss's brand new home...twice. He has convinced me numerous times that I'm going to be evicted from my apartment complex. He has cost me many nights' sleep. He has chewed the corners off a windowsill, my TV stand, and two of my parents' guest beds {but never any of my shoes...smart boy!}. I can never do anything spur of the moment, because I have to figure out who will take care of him. I spend every single lunch break of every single work day going home to take him out to relieve himself. I never get to sleep in on Saturdays or Sundays because he doesn't understand weekends. I never get a break from exercise, even in rain or snow, because he will tear the house apart without a 4-mile walk or run.

And you know what? I wouldn't trade him for anything in the world.

Because PB always wags his tail and kisses me when I come home. He always loves whatever I'm cooking. He kept my heating bills down this winter with his expert snuggling skills. His personal goal is to make at least one new friend {squirrel, student, family, school children...he doesn't discriminate} on our walk every day. He doesn't play hard-to-get...he lets you know he loves you. He has comforted me through two very hurtful boy situations and prevented one in the making by eating the guy's sandal. He can always make me smile at the end of a long work day. He always forgives me when I'm a mean mommy or work too late. And best of all, I get to wake up to this little bit of cuteness every morning.
I love you, PB!!!!!! Here's to another 15 years.

13 March 2009

Belle's Beauty Secrets

I'm thinking this is going to be an occasionally regular {that sounds like an oxymoron...} Friday post. I loooove products, so thought I should share a little about the ones I heart the most and, of course, get feedback from all of you lovlies on your faves.

But first....this time last week, it was 70 degrees and I was at work in a Polo dress and sandals. I'm looking out my office window right this very second and it is pouring the snow. Can I get a WTF?!

Back to the fun stuff...

So inspired by Barefoot's post last week about signature scents, I'm going to start with that because I think that's one of my all-time greatest beauty discoveries/secrets.

I, of course, went through the TERRIBLE phase in middle school of smelling as foul as humanly possible. My weapon on choice was Bath & Body Works Juniper Breeze. The reason I chose to smell like a combination of a campground and Pine*Sol was to be "different". {the big thing in the 6th grade was to either wear Sun Ripened Raspberry}. And I had the ENTIRE collection...shampoo, conditioner, body spray, body lotion, body scruby, body cream....let's just say my little sister will NEVER let me live down this phase.

After a lot of other failed attempts at smelling nice, I hit the motherload last year. It is the perfect scent for me {I'm a white floral kind of gal}...sweet, flowery, but not like your grandmother. And ladies, let me tell you....you have to beat the boys away with a STICK when you wear this. A guy I dated all of last year said he loved when I came to visit because his sheets smelled like gardenias afterwards {he had his cute moments}. I was at a party a few weeks ago with a bunch of guy friends who I hadn't seen for awhile. After hugging me, every single one of them said something to the effect of, wow you smell amazing. So what is this amazing man-magnet scent? Drumroll please....
Bodycology White Gardenia Body Mist. A whopping $3/bottle at Wally*World. I'm not kidding you. I layer the body cream with the body spray and it stays on all day. Because I'm not a big fan of having a big, cheap plastic bottle sitting on my vanity, I bought a pretty glass perfume atomizer to pour it into. Much more glamourous.

What about you ladies? Any HORRENDOUS scents you were attached to in middle and high school? Anything you're loving these days?

12 March 2009

Spring Giveaways!

OK I had to delete my earlier post on this because my blogger is being super wonky and not letting me format it the way that I want. So here we go, ladies...a run-down of all the fabu giveaways going on in Blogland right now. Please don't enter any of them :)

1) adorable and witty bride-to be elefantitas alegres is giving away a tres chic bikini bag.
2) Amanda is giving away a subscription to MS Living!
3) Southern Belle is giving away a Bliss travel kit. I want to go to there.
4) In honor of her 200th(!) post, Preppy 101 is giving away adorbs reuseable shopping bags AND a scalloped-edge memo board. Presh.
5) Last but certainly not least, Miss KAG is giving away a boatload of Gemvelopes.

ok ladies...i've done my part for multiple entries. now i'm begging the rest of you to scoot on over to these lovely blogs, read, and admire the giveaway from afar. i want all of this loot to myself!

Just saying...

is anyone else TERRIFIED of her eyebrows?  look at those suckers!  they clear her sunglasses by a good 3-4 inches.  that is just not natural.

11 March 2009

Wednesday Confessional

I do not own a single, solitary pair of shorts.

I am normally a dress or skirt kind of girl. The only time this varies is for work, when in the winter it's wool pants and in the summer it's linen pants. I just think dresses are so much easier and they look so chic with so little effort.

However, with this recent bout of gorg weather, I have seen lots of gals looking oh so cute and comfy {and dare i say glamourous} in shorts. I don't really consider myself a casual person {unless you catch me at home about 10 minutes after work. then i'm in sweats and a big ole butterfly clip circa 95}. I'm pretty much always in a dress and heels.

But I'm so intrigued by how great everyone looks in their shorts that I'm revisiting the idea of them. I want to buy a few pairs, but don't even know where to start. That's where you come in: any particular brands, styles, materials, colors, etc. that you heart? Help a girl out!

08 March 2009

It's a wonderful weekend...

...to be a Wahoo!!  Not only did we beat Maryland in our last home b-ball game of the season {and subsequently prevent them from going to the Big Dance...muahahahah}, but the men's and women's lax teams kicked some serious boo-tay this afternoon.  After indulging out inner fat kids at Chipotle {mmmm chips and guac}, friend A and I went to the men's lax game this afternoon. With the exception of sitting next to the WRONG girl {she spent a good 30 minutes yammering on and on and on about how she was "not not talking to Meghan because it's not like we talk every day anyways"....seriously, we knew every details of this gal's life by the end of the first quarter}, we had a total blast.  I even got a little shoulder tan!! My 'Hoos remain #1!!! 
How was your weekend? Mine was oh-so-fabu.  I painted my bedroom yesterday morning and it turned out beautifully.  Plus, I mean, this weather?!?!  Per-fec-tion.  Loves it.

05 March 2009

Nummy in my Tummy

First, a little food-related story to make you chuckle. The ridiculousness of this is almost overwhelming. Preppy in the City, if you or the boy see Latressa while you're in Florida, please thank her for making my week that much more entertaining!

Second, a recipe! I love, love, love to cook and sadly rarely have the time {or kitchen real estate} to do much of it. But this is one of my favorites and takes zero time. It's less of a recipe than it is instructions on how to throw a bunch of stuff together.

Belle's Favorite Salad:
Measure 1 tblsp. extra virgin olive oil {i love to abbrev but i loathe rachael ray, so i'm spelling it out} and 1 1/2 tblsp. balsamic vinegar into bottom of a tupperware container. add salt and pepper and whisk all together. next add half a container of salad greens of choice {i alternate between spinach and arugula}. then add a handful of yummy cheese {i alternate between gorgonzola and goat cheese. mama belle prefers feta. whatever blows your dress up}. next add fruit of choice. it is best with strawberries, but i also do blueberries or raspberries in the summer. when berries aren't in season, i go back and forth between pears, dried cherries/craisins, or mandarin oranges. then add half of a sliced avocado sprinkled with lemon juice. add protein {i normally buy those pre-roasted chicken strips from the deli aisle, but if i have leftover salmon, that's also really good}. sprinkle with a teensy bit of nuts {sunflower seeds are my fave}. Put lid on container, take to work, stow in fridge. When ready to eat, take it out and give it a good shake to mix it all up. Voila!

I know with all of the variations this is like 10 recipes, but that's why I love it!! I could eat some version of this every day and not get tired of it. Plus it's super healthy and really fills you up. Also, eating half a container of spinach makes me feel better about the 4 spring oreos i'll be having for dessert. teehee.

04 March 2009

Wednesday Confessional

I HATE Vera Bradley bags.
I know this will probs alienate a few of you and no offense, but they are terrible. Now not all of them are so bad. About 7 years ago I actually owned and carried a VB bag proudly through my high school halls. I would not be caught dead carrying it today, but I still think the old patterns are acceptable. The mark of a true VB fan is how old the pattern is.

What I LOATHE are these new, over-the-top, Rainbow Brite pieces of terrible. And these things aren't cheap! You could get a decent Coach or Banana Republic or J.Crew bag for the price tag of one of these, and you are paying to be the opposite of stylish. And I'm yet to see one person who only has one piece of their chosen pattern. I have to wear sunglasses when I go to my parents' church because every female, from age 12-70, has the tote bag...and the purse...and the eyeglass case...and the make-up bag...and heavens knows whatever little bits of ugly they paid way too much money for.
Ladies, I am begging you. Chill with this quilted fugliness. My retinas cannot deal with one more paisley assault on a Sunday morning. Take all those bags, put them on Ebay, and buy yourself something pretty.
Happy Hump Day :)

03 March 2009

penny pinching

ok ladies, time to talk about something super unglamorous, non-chic, and downright soccer mom-ish. that's right....it's time to talk about coupons.so here's the thing...i'm a big believer in never paying retail. i'm normally a pro at this when it comes to my wardrobe. i am the queen of sales, e-bays, and using all of the discounts/free shipping offers for online shopping. occasionally i make an exception {see: tory flats from yesterday's post}, but i'm generally pretty hard and fast on this.

not so much when it comes to other purchases. i am TERRIBLE about hunting bargains and using coupons for groceries, etc. it's not that i don't want to. as far as i'm concerned, every penny saved on groceries is another penny towards a new pair of shoes. i just don't really have a strategy. i get coupons and shove them in my purse and forget about them. i forget to read the sunday paper ads for who has a deal on what. you get the picture.

so i need help! first of all, any suggestions on where a gal can get a cute coupon organizer? my mom has one and it seems very handy, but um....it's super fug, so that won't work. but i think if i had a pretty one i would be more likely to fill it/use it. any other suggestions? i know some of you ladies are pros at this, so ideas on how to be a bit more budget-conscious at the ole Wally*World or Kroger? much obliged.
{p.s. lean cuisines are $1.99 at Kroger. get 'em while they're hot....er, frozen.}
happy tuesday!