28 August 2009

cupcake vineyards report

those people who talk about their glass being half empty {or half full} are soft.

my bottle was half empty {or half full} within ohh....two gossip girl epsiodes.  stop judging me.  i don't have central air and it's hot and the vino was cold.  what's that you say?  why not just drink water?  water doesn't taste like sav blanc, silly.

i'm off to my SUPER FUN staff retreat today!  locked in a cabin in the woods, analyzing each other's personalities and playing team building games.  oh yeah.  this will require the second half of the bottle upon return home.

happy friday!!

26 August 2009


...i can't be the only person who finds this blog hilarious. seriously, it gets a lot of hits every day. here i sit, wracked with fits of silent laughter that occasionally get out of hand and are overheard by a co-worker. when they come to see what it is i'm laughing at, i show them this or this or this and dissolve into giggles. they kind of chuckle politely {you know that chuckle oh, that's sweet...i should laugh with her before she realizes that she has a twisted sense of humor and turns on us...you don't? ok, never mind.} and then walk back to their offices.

really, people? these are HILARIOUS.

who's with me?

non sequitur

three totally random, unrelated things i thought i would share:

1. i know i complain a lot about small town, va, but then there are sublime little moments when i realize how lucky i am to live in such a beautiful place. case in point: whilst out for our nightly run yesterday, puppy boy and i encountered a mama dear and two tooth-achingly adorable baby deer {complete with white spots all over} eating dinner in a field. they didn't seem to mind us at all {this could have something to do with the fact that puppy boy resembles a baby deer, but that's another story...}. they just stood there, munching and watching us run by without a care in the world. definitely a "nature is awesome!" moment.

2. i am an ad man's dream come true. i am a sucker for a pretty label. case in point: i ran into the grocery store this afternoon for some fruit. i was quickly distracted by the divine labels featured on cupcake vineyards' bottles. i didn't even bother to check the price {cheap, as it turns out} or the ratings {pretty good, according to wine enthusiast}, but the sav blanc label was yellow, had cupcakes on it, and said it tasted like "grandma's lemon chiffon". sold. i'll report back with tasting reviews tomorrow...

3. i RARELY talk politics on my blog, because i don't think this is the appropriate forum. that said, i am appalled at some people's attitutdes towards our politicians. i realize not everyone liked or agreed with ted*dy kenne*dy, but the man died today. this is not something to scoff at. was he a perfect man who never did anything wrong? definitely not. did he spend his entire working life in the service of his country? yes. but today, someone lost a parent, an uncle, a grandfather, and a friend. at least for his family's sake, show a little respect, people. sheesh.

in other news, it's hump day! i am sooooo ready for a weekend at home {the first in over a month and a half}. and by home, i mean laying by the pool. gotta squeeze in every last drop of summer!

24 August 2009

he's legal now, right?

why hello, brad pitt's mini-me.  one question:  why are you still with that annoying, non-talented girl who did nude pix at approximately age 16?  i think you can do better...

hello, my name is fabulous!

let me start by saying i am NOT a jeans girl. most days i can be found in a dress {ALWAYS my first choice}, pencil skirt, or wool work pants. Evenings out and weekends are almost always a more casual dress {i have a closet full of j.crew cotton and jersey dresses that are in constant rotation}. however, i notice all these gals out and about looking adorable and fashionable and classy in jeans and i finally thought, "hey, i can do that." until i realized that i live in the middle of nowhere and can't go try on cute jeans and then even if i ordered some nice designer jeans i would have to risk having them butchered altered by the folks in town because i am a midget. damn.

enter gap. i know our little corner of the blog world has been abuzz about their new line of premium denim thanks to kate, slynnro, and mrs. mojito's faboosh party, but i am here to confirm everything they said. i. love. these. jeans. i was visiting the parentals this weekend and popped into the mall to pick up some new sheets at macy's. gap wooed me in with the promise of $20 any of their new jeans. i picked up a pair of the sexy boot, dark wash, ankle length, and away to the dressing room.

oh.mi.GAWSH. they make my butt look amazing. this is not small feat, given the fact that um....i have no butt. at all. nonexistent. it looks like i do in these jeans, and a rather cute one, i might add. they are also the perfect dressy dark wash for evenings out and {best of all} the length is perfect. i don't have to have them altered one little bit, saving me $ and the constant fear of what our local ateliers may do to them.

run to your nearest gap and try them all on. i bet that there is a pair just perfect for you.

21 August 2009

sleeping beauty, indeed!

a little belle trivia: this is my fave disney movie of all time. perfection.

it's been AGES since i did an update on my apartment redux project. the progress on my bedroom came to a halt a few months ago when all there was left to do was purchase new furnishings. {read all about that here and here.} well, i finally broke down, threw my credit card balance caution to the wind, and bought my new bed and mattress set.

well, to be completely honest, the bed was ordered today, but won't arrive for 3 weeks. but unless it's the exact opposite of how it looks in the picture, i think i'm going to be thrilled with it. bonus: it retails for a third of the price of the crate and barrel bed i originally wanted. then it was 15% off for any furniture purchases over $125. and free shipping {the shipping alone was $130}. fabulous.

i'm buying the mattress this weekend and it will be delivered on tuesday. it is like sleeping on my own little cloud {granted, pretty much anything is a step up from the thing i've been sleeping on the past few years. calling it a mattress is being waaaaaaay too generous}. i think i'm ordering these linens in the white for the bedspread. then a down comforter with a white duvet cover folded at the foot of the bed. i already have two standard shams, so i just need to pick out some new euro shams and some boudoir pillows.

i can't believe my room is so close to being complete! i'd like to add a few more little touches {a new bedside table reading lamp and maybe an orchid or a few decorative accents}, but it's almost time to move on to the rest of the house!

stay tuned...

pardon my mess!

hi lovelies! because there is a land called procrastination and i am there queen, i am working on a new blog layout instead of posting my vacay recap.

please bear with me as i adjust this new beauty {courtesy of the divine simply fabulous} and muster up the willpower to write up the details of my socal adventures.

in the meantime, happy friday! what are your weekend plans, m'dears?

19 August 2009

we interrupt this regularly scheduled post for a resounding...


ok, people. i. am. BAFFLED.

i don't receive that many catalogs because i don't believe in wasting paper. however, the ones i receive are j.crew {i love to see the way they outfit and accesorize the clothing} and williams-sonoma {major drool factor}.

i ADORE magazines {ignore above comment about not wasting paper} and receive house beautiful, southern living, cooking light, glamour, and country living.

most of the packages that land on my doorstep are from banana, j.crew, nordstrom, neiman's, or amazon {cookbooks and coffee table books, natch}.

so can someone PLEASE explain to me why a catalog from this company came in my mail today? the pyramid collection catalog, touting its pages filled with "myth, magick, fantasy and romance", featured i'm not even making this up a pirate vixen dress and petticoat on the cover {practical for when you're pillaging coastal towns and cavorting with captain jack sparrow}, leather and lace boots {circa sjp in hocus pocus}, and the fact that they have "goddess" sizes available at no extra cost.

ummm.....WHAT?! while i certainly have always dreamt of a pair of black widow shoes or sunglasses shaped like butterfly wings, i am dying to know how they found out. sheesh.

so all this begs the obvious question...

do they make fairy sizes for us teeny gals?

things i lurrrve

i promise to have a fun vacay recap asap, but since i'm wading through a pile of e-mails and telephone calls, i just had to share my fun little welcome back to work moment{s} this morning.

i purchased the above little darlings at target on sale for $12.48 a few weeks ago. since i pretty much haven't been in the office for oh....the past 3 weeks...today was the first time they made their work debut.
i have had no less than three female colleagues stop me and comment on my "adorable new torys." i just nod and smile and say "thank you". it's not lying if i don't correct them, is it?

high fashion look, bottom barrel price tag. loves it.

18 August 2009


hi lovelies! i will be back in full swing tomorrow with vacay recap, but i had to let y'all in on a faboosh deal right away.

i popped in to target today for some lotion and found a jackpot of a home decor deal.  riedel, maker of my most favoritest vino accoutrements {the stemless O wine tumblers...i seriously have a cabinet full of these!}, also makes all manner of gorgeous crystal items, including some vases at target that i've been eyeing for quite some time.  there they were, marked down to $3.75 each.  $3.75, people!!  look how GORG they are:

i pretty much bought out our store's stock, but you should run to your nearest tarjay and grab a few for yourself! a pair of these would make a lovely wedding or housewarming gift.

16 August 2009

fashion icon: betty draper


can you tell i'm excited? i'm obsessed with being don draper’s wife this show. and my most favoritest part {other than drooling over steamy dreamy jon ha*mm...obvs} of the show is drooling over the divine stylings of mrs. betty draper. pure. WASP. heaven. i'm trying to make my fall fashion motto WWBDW {what would betty draper wear}. it's a no-fail strategy.

see what i mean? per-fec-tion. get out those martini glasses and enjoy. chin chin!

13 August 2009

i just had to share

i adore a good cobb salad. bliss.

welcome to the wonderful world of scheduled posts! whilst i'm currently sunning myself by the pool in palm springs, cruising on the pch, and making obnoxious cooing noise at darling animals here, i have a few of these suckers scheduled for your entertainment pleasure.

this first one is brief. i stumbled upon this article in the times a few weeks ago and pretty much have it memorized now. it. is. GENIUS. i am an excellent recipe-follower {reason i like to bake!} but not the most creative cook when left to my own devices. these are combinations i would never have thought to try, but now i can't imagine life without them {ok yeah....i know...that was a bit heavy on the hyperbole}. but seriously....they are freaking NOM NOM. try them. all of them. now. i have...and now i'm one of those annoying girls who only wants to eat salad.

bon appetit, my loves!

11 August 2009

cali-forn-i-ay, here i come!

hi lovelies! i have missed y'all! i have been terrible about commenting, but i've been keeping up with everyone's posts as best as i can. i wanted to do a quick post before i jet across the country tomorrow. i have so missed blogging and have way too much to catch y'all up on in only one post, so i'll just focus on the fun stuff.

first, tonight is my FIRST junior league event. since i live in teeny town, usa, there is no jl chapter in my town/county. however, there are 2 chapters within an hour of me in either direction. i toyed with the idea of joining one of them {sippycup's chapter} last year, but it just wasn't the best fit or timing for me. as luck would have it, two of my real-life besties are super involved with the chapter in the other direction and one of them is overseeing new member recruitment this year. plus, real-life bestie {and blurker} a will be in my provisional class, so it should be a super fun time!

then tomorrow i head out to sunny socal! i am beyond jazzed about the entire trip, but the best part will surely be friday and saturday. the sister and i are renting a convertible and heading to san diego and santa monica for the weekend. mindy and missing food in sd have been darling enough to recommend some yummy san diego restaraunts AND i get to meet up with some of my absolute fave bloggy friends in santa monica {kate, muffy, miss sweet tea, icing on the cake, and annabel...SO fun!}. can't wait to make these ladies real-life friends! i plan on coming back with a killer tan and a suitcase full of chanel and cute animals from the san diego zoo memories.

please note this is not our actual rental car, but rather the car my future hubby prince harry will be purchasing for me.

so ttfn, loves! i will be back next wednesday with a new what's cooking wednesdays {admit it...you've missed it} and a recap of my malibu barbie adventures!

07 August 2009

vacay help needed!

i know i said i was disappearing for awhile, but i am in desperate need of blogworld help. i am headed to southern cali on vacay next week {first time ever in this part of the left coast!} and i need food recs, specifically, places to eat in palm springs and san diego. i HATE touristy places, so please do not send me any of those. i want to know where the locals eat or about the best dining experiences you've had in these places.

ready? set? go! talk to me.

05 August 2009

hi all,

i'm going to have to take a short break from the blogworld. my darling aunt passed away last thursday and this past week i have not known up from down. between my trip to vegas and being gone all last week to be with family, i have been out of the office for almost 2 solid weeks and leave a week from today for palm springs. my house is a mess, i've spent zero time with the puppy boy, and i have work piled up everywhere. not to mention i am physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted.

i promise not to be gone for too long, but i just need some time to recharge my batteries and get all of my ducks in a row. socal girls, i will be in touch soon about meeting up while i'm on the left coast.

thanks for being understanding,