12 January 2009

And the Golden Globe goes to...

I'm a total sucker for movie and tv awards shows. The fashion watching is just so good! Here are my top three (and bottom three!) from last night's show:

I'm totally cheating with this one by putting three ladies in one photo,
but I thought they all just totally rocked it! Heidi Klum is the only
woman alive who could pull off the ridiculous outfit she wore, but she
was absolutely glowing. One word for Eva Longoria: GLAMOUROUS.
And Kate Beckinsale always ALWAYS looks amazing, like a modern-day
Ava Gardner. Love them all.

House is one of my favorite shows and I think Olivia Wilde always look so girly-girl and wonderful. Perfect example. How much would you have LOVED this dress for prom? All pinky-purple and fluffy and wonderful.

I have the BIGGEST girl crush on Anne Hathaway right now!
Between Bride Wars, Devil Wears Prada, and all of her AMAZING
red carpet and real-life choices, I want to be her best friend.

And now for the worst...

Renee Zellwegger: WTF?!?

Drew Barrymore: If I had been making movies since I was 3, I would be able to afford a better hair colorist and a better stylist. She looks like she just rolled out of bed in a 50's knock-off prom dress.

This will probs be the only time you EVER hear
me speak ill of a pink Chanel Haute Couture dress.
And I don't even dislike the dress, I just don't think she
pulls it off at all. The hair is just all wrong and she's more
fun, trendy California girl, not pink Chanel high fashion.