10 February 2009

Time to Redecorate!

So thanks to the child-rearing skills of my accountant parents, the only math skills I've developed are actually pretty handy: money management. I've been a good little worker bee the past year and put money towards things like paying off credit card debt and purchasing a car that's actually reliable (previous car was adorable, but had an obnoxious habit of dying to the tune of $700 whenever she felt like it. such a bitch.) and saving money. My parents were also generous enough to help furnish part of my teeny townhouse when I moved in last year. But since most of the things they bought me were for my living room (couch, TV, rug), most of my decorating budget went to making my downstairs pretty.

And then there's my bedroom....the most depressing room in my house and not just because there's no boy in it. I have literally done NADA with this room. No pictures, no pretty bedspread, no curtains, no paint, no frills, no nothing. Well, lovelies, that ends today. I have paid off my credit cards and have an expanded decorating budget burning a hole in my pocket. I am on a mission to make my room the most bee-yoo-ti-ful room in the house (and super girly to boot....I'm decorating for ME). Here are the things I have decided on thus far:So this is the paint color I've decided on. Yes, it's pink. Why? Because I can. I love the color pink and this is my room and likely the last time in my life I will get to paint a bedroom pink (I'm convinced I'm going to be mother to all boys). It's Benjamin Moore 'Love and Happiness'. House Beautiful describes it as ballet slippers pink with a touch of beige to make it modern. Good enough for me.

The bed. I currently do not have a headboard. I just have a metal bed frame (that's using the term loosely) on wheels. It sucks. And it's the opposite of attractive. But this beauty just calls out to me. I heart all things Chippendale and chinoiserie. And it's Pottery Barn.

Window treatments. Only I'm getting these in a chocolate, instead of the gold pictured here. I just love that it's buffalo check, which is such a casual woodsy print, but with tassels and in silk, which is so dressy. Plus they're dramatic and fun.

These four pictures are my inspiration. I know that none of them are bedrooms and one is a nursery, but I just love this palate(sp?) of colors. They're all soothing yet upbeat and fun at the same time. Jury is still out on what I'm going to do for bed linens. I already have PB Shams in the same style as the bottom picture with my monogram on them, so they will obviously be used. Any suggestions for the rest?

Happy Tuesday!


Sandra said...

Do you belong to RueLaLa?? They have some gorgeous bedding on sale until tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. If you don't belong I can send you an invite! Good job on saving the money for your decorating. I am redoing my bedroom right now, too! Little motivation {winter blahs ;-)} to do it, but I have to!! I'm using Lilly Pulitzer stuff. I blogged about it with all my details!