11 December 2009

i love lonny!!

hi lovelies! if there is one thing i'm obsessed with {other than shoes}, it's interior design. love, love, love it! if you're not already following the blogs of erin gates, tobi fairley, eddie ross, heather clawson and ronda carman {they are my daily dose of inspiration for all things fabulous!}, then you really should.

i know most of us were super devastated when that darling of shelter mags, domino, went out of publication last year {r.i.p.} but michelle adams and patrick cline, two of the geniuses behind the dearly departed, launched a groundbreaking online shelter mag this fall called lonny {combination of their respective homes, london and new york}.

it. is. FABULOUS! although i would still love to have this in glossy, real-life form to cuddle up with under a blanket, what they are doing is truly wonderful. they're also major supporters of the blogworld. woot woot. please click on over and try not to spend the next hour drooling over the gorgeous pictures and wonderful articles {the articles on the new j.crew and kate spade stores are to die for}.

you'll thank me, i promise.


ALL THE BEST said...

Thank you!
All the best,