18 January 2010

country mouse in the big city

hi ladies!! hope y'all had a lovely weekend. i had one of the best weekends i've had in a long time. friday night was dinner with a few friends, which turned into drinks and desserts with even more friends. saturday was chick-fil-a {nom nom!} and j.crew clearance store bargain hunting with a group of gal-pals. i won't even tell you the deals we got because it will make you pea green with envy! saturday night was a home-cooked meal {seriously, y'all, this is one of the yummiest recipes ever}, champy, and kill bill: vol. 2 with friend k. and sunday the puppy boy let me sleep in {this NEVER happens} and then i cleaned the entire house, wrote all of my thank-you notes, and packed for my trip to...

NYC!! i'm leaving wednesday. this trip is part-business, part-pleasure. i'm working wednesday night, all day thursday, and have a working lunch friday and then it is all pleasure from there. one of the besties lives in NYC so we'll be spending friday evening and all day saturday together before i head home on sunday.

so this is where y'all come in. i've asked this before on here, but i've added a few more followers since then, so i thought i'd ask again. several things, actually.

a) i will be on my own for meals for lunch + dinner on wednesday and breakfast on thursday + friday. any recommendations of yummy places to go {i'm staying in midtown, but i'm willing to venture slightly up or downtown}? please keep in mind that these tabs get turned in to my place of gainful employment so let's not go with any bank-breaking suggestions.

b) smartypants bestie lives uptown {she's in grad school at columbia}. brunch recommendations for saturday and/or sunday?

c) i have already found the best cupcakes in nyc. now i'm on a hunt for the best french macarons. help!

d) completely selfish. i may have some downtime on wednesday, thursday, and/or friday in between appointments and bestie getting out of classes. any nyc bloggers want to meet up for coffee or something?

thanks in advance and happy monday!


MCW said...

So exciting that you are coming to the city!
Send me an email and I will give you a ton of suggestions! mcathleenw@gmail.com

MLD said...

So jealous! I was just up there last weekend. My cousin lives near Columbia and we went to a place called PicNic for brunch. It is on Broadway between 101st and 102nd. I really enjoyed it!

Suburban Princess said...

Have a fabulous trip! I am officially jealous!

Anonymous said...

Bestie likely knows about this place (it's in her 'hood) but Bistro Ten 18 is so, so good (110 Street/Amsterdam). Other favorite restaurants of mine include Extra Virgin (totally out of your way, but very good!), Rare (there is a location in midtown - if you go, get the fry sampler!), and Spigolo (Italian, UES). Try Maison du Chocolat for macaroons (Madison/high 70s).

Anonymous said...

So jealous that you are going to NYC!!! You will have a fabulous time! We expect a full report on all the fun. :)

Summer is a Verb said...

I highly recommend Ippudo for ramen and pork buns. When your done hit up the bakery Milk for Crack Pie or Mulch Pile cookies...XXOO