29 March 2011

menu tuesday

i meant to post this yesterday, but we took a mini office excursion to target to get some baby gifts for a colleague and by the time i got back to the office, i was buried in e-mails and voicemails.  the past two weeks we haven't been very good about sticking to my menu plans.  to some extent, that's totally ok.  sometimes life just gets in the way and you need to go out for mexican food and margaritas when the power goes out at your house!  but after friday's small victory, i realized the importance of being prepared with yummy healthy meals so that we're not tempted to go the greasy quesadilla route too often.  so we are back on board this week with the following menu:

monday: gina's chicken and mushrooms with garlic white wine sauce and salad with mache, tomatoes, and carrots + yogurt-mustard dill sauce. i served this will some whole grain pumpernickel rolls.  this was soooo delicious, we were both members of the clean plate club last night!

tuesday:  the beau is out of town for work tonight, so i'm eating the rest of some yummy tomato basil soup from our favorite italian restaurant we had for lunch on sunday.

wednesday:  the pioneer woman's pasta with roasted red pepper sauce and broccoli. this meal is an old standby for us. gourmet enough for me and since the beau will eat anything that includes pasta, it works.  i use low-fat half and half to make it a little more figure friendly, but otherwise it's perfect the way it is.

thursday: i'm having dinner with my boss and someone we're interviewing, so the beau is on his own.  this likely means tuna salad sandwiches, his single guy meal go-to.

friday: spicy black bean burgers and sweet potato fries.  this is lazy cooking at its best.  i add avocado, tomato, sprouts, and a little pepper jack cheese to the burgers and serve them on whole wheat hamburger buns. i never feel like cooking on friday night and this is a better solution than the wendy's drive-thru.

saturday: kelly's beef enchiladas and southwestern rice.  i realize this is a bit of a splurge meal, but hear me out: 1. this is basketball-watching night in our house.  if i wasn't cooking dinner, we would be going to a bar, eating wings and fries, drinking lots of beer, and spending lots of money.  this way, at least we're saving money and eating homemade. 2. i plan to lighten this up a bit by using lean beef {and only 3/4 pound}, low fat/low sodium cream of mushroom soup, corn tortillas, and reduced fat cheese.

sunday: spicy lemon trout with green beans and rosemary roasted potatoes.  i found this recipe via barefoot in the park, one of my favorite blogs.

bon appetit!