22 September 2011

thirsty thursday: signature cocktail

yes, i realize it's been three weeks {!} since my last blog post, and while i promise plenty of updates on what has been going down since then, i need your help!

today's post is in honor of sweet new mama, sweet southern prep, and her fabulous thirsty thursday series.  since i am a sucker for details and can't make anything easy on myself, i've decided a month before the wedding to add a signature cocktail to our wedding beverage lineup. 

i saw this delicious looking concotion on pinterest yesterday and i knew we had to have it.  {p.s. cat, the creator of this drink, is just as helpful and sweet as can be!}

2 parts ginger ale, 2 parts fresh apple cider, 1 part bourbon. yum!

the only problem?  it doesn't have a name!  and what's a signature cocktail without a catchy moniker?  so i need your votes/ideas.

so far, the names i've come up with are:

1. the apple dapple {totally dorky and doesn't really mean anything}
2. the shenandoah {we live in the shenandoah valley and apple orchards are everywhere here}
3. the apple pie {since, you know, apple + ginger equals apple pie?}

so yeah, i haven't really come up with anything cute or groundbreaking.  can you help me?

p.s. we'll be serving these with these darling straws from sur la table.  i know the striped straw thing is all over the place and kind of "done", but i just love them so much!


ms. mindless said...

maybe something with "snap" in it, for the ginger? cider bourbon snap? that is lame too, good luck figuring out a name!

KLA said...

No, I like snap!

KLA said...

No, I love snap!

Kate said...

Looks and sounds delicious! I think the names you suggested are great. I also like the snap ideas above

Danielle Moss said...

looks SO good. yum.

Allison said...

Shenandoah Cider!