29 August 2012

Entry Table Makeover

Remember this post?  About the Craigslist table?

Yeah, I never actually got around to giving it a makeover, even after the fabulous Tobi Fairley offered her advice!

In our new house, it makes more sense for this to be in our entryway/foyer than it does behind our sofa.  And mark my words, this baby is going to be all gussied up within the next few weeks.  Here's what I have in mind for it:
HQ Entryway
HQ Entryway by gesshoo on Polyvore

*Please disregard my bush-league Polyvore skillz.  This is why purchasing Photoshop is on The List.

I'm planning to paint the table 'Nocturnal Green' from Valspar.  The best way to describe is that it's an off-black, a.ka. green so dark that it's basically black.  It reminds me of a color you see a lot on shutter and front doors in historic areas of Charleston, Annapolis, Georgetown, etc.  Here's a bigger picture of the paint chip so you get a better idea:

I've wanted a place to put the darling dutch door press birds and blooms collection prints from our home states for ages and I think this is going to be perfect.  Especially if I can snag a vintage Federal mirror to go in between.

What do you think?


Jennifer @ Belclaire House said...

That's going to look great! Can't wait to see it when it's all done! Have you tried using Gimp? I downloaded it and haven't played around with it a lot, but it's kind of like Photoshop (and free!!).