11 June 2013

Third Time's A Charm

Yes, that's right, we're moving again! For the third time since our engagement. {The fourth time if you count the fact that we moved in together 2 weeks before M proposed.}

I haven't made it much of a secret that we've been pretty unhappy with our living situation for the past 2 years. We knew that if an opportunity presented itself this summer, we had to jump on it and go. As it happens, just such an opportunity presented itself a few days ago in the form of an incredible job offer for M.  So in a little less than 4 weeks, we'll be driving our dogs and all of our worldly possessions to Vermont.  I'm becoming a Yankee!  After our somewhat nomadic lifestyle over the past couple of years {4 moves in 2.5 years}, we are looking forward to putting down roots in New England.

I am a bundle of nerves right now. I'm excited and scared and stressed and happy and stressed and nervous and stressed.  Did I mention stressed? Coordinating a 600-mile move on 3 weeks' notice to a place I've never set foot in is causing me to consume a lot of Tums. It will absolutely all be worth it and we're lucky to have friends and family connections in the area, but woof. Throw in the 100+ pounds of neurotic coonhounds who will be moving with us and I am a bonafide mess.

Things I Am Excited About:
*Christmas in Vermont {Hello..."White Christmas" is only one of my all-time FAVORITE movies.}
*Fall in Vermont. Duh.
*Summer in Vermont. Goodbye Southern heat and humidity. Won't miss you at all.  Except in months November-May.
*Proximity to Canada. No, seriously. I have never been. And we will be 90 minutes from Montreal. So basically 90 minutes from France Lite. Just go with it.
*Proximity to Boston. 3 hours from many dear friends and one of my favorite cities. Yay!
*Proximity to seriously amazing skiing. Can't wait to hit the slopes.
*J. Crew, Trader Joe's, Williams-Sonoma, and TONS of adorable little locally-owned shops and restaurants. {I realize I've probably just committed a major Vermont sin by listing large corporations as a reason I'm excited to move there.}
*Being the most conservative person in political conversations for once.
*Finally justification for my obsession with coats.
*Living in a fun city with lots to do and lots of people our age. I am going to go on a friend binge. I can't wait.

Things I Am Nervous About:
*I have never lived outside of the state of Virginia, let alone outside of the South.
*I have never lived more than 3 hours away from my parents.
*Winter in Vermont. I am terrified.
*Our heating bill. See above.
*Lack of Duke's mayonnaise.
*Lack of "y'all" in the vocabulary.
*Moving somewhere I have never been and renting a house I have never seen. All the makings of a potential disaster, or at the very least, an interesting living situation for the next year.
*Finding gainful employment. Vermont has a rather small economy and people hold on to full-time jobs with both hands.
*Money. As if I wasn't already nervous about that, we're moving to a place with a higher cost of living.
*ALL THE CHEESE. {I don't do moderation very well.}

The positives far outweigh the negatives and we are both over-the-moon excited. I've promised the dogs that Mummy will buy them some snow boots and jackets and they're not so sure about the whole thing, but I promised them there would also be dog treats, so they're on board. This will be an exciting adventure for us and a place to start over after a challenging couple of years.

Native New Englanders, any advice on what cold-weather gear I should start stockpiling now?


Unknown said...

Congratulations to you guys! I've always wanted to spend time up north (more north than MD or VA of course).

Best wishes to you!

MCW said...

I'm so excited for you and M! That is a great opportunity for his career....you will love the change and so will he!

AshleyB said...

Congratulations! When I moved from Georgia to Washington DC I was terrified of the winter. Best advice? Buy an ugly coat. I quickly learned my Old Navy pea coat wasn't going to cut it, so I got one of those big horrible down comforter with sleeves coats. It's not the most flattering look but you just kind of have to go with it. Once I had the right cold weather gear I was good to go! I love our winters now!

MHM1314 said...

You know I'm, as they say, over the moon for you about this.

LL Bean, Eddie Bauer, Lands End ARE YOUR FRIENDS for general New England weather preparedness. Bean Boots, stuffs for your pups, etc. You'll love them.

ms. mindless said...

SOOO exciting!! I can't wait to hear about your adventures up north!

Baltimore Prep said...

Wishing you and your family all the best on your new venture!!

Jennifer @ Belclaire House said...

This is awesome news! Change is so fun and exciting! I know you've been itching to move. I hope it all goes smoothly for you and you can finally feel settled!!

LPC said...

Oh I think this is so exciting! And scary. And stressful. May be some kinks in the change, but still, I sense you will make a good New Englander:).

The enchanted home said...

First a huge cnograts to you! How exciting....and lucky you. Vermont is awesome. You are going to love it! I loved your list, the winters are beuatiful cold and snowy but man, so beautiful and picturesque, think of the chances to start skiing/snowshoeing!

Cheese...lots of it, Ben and Jerrys, Maple Syrup..it's all good! VERY exciting.....best of luck. Change is good and butterflies are normal but I bet you will love it!

#unmatched said...

congratulations! Vermont is so lovely!

Get a nice warm, dressy coat, think JCrew w thinsulate lining. Go with the lands' end and llbean goodies too! Embrace winter sports and you'll love the summer warm, so pleasant compared to the hotness that is VA.

Portuguese Prepster said...

wow congratulations!!!!!!!! such an exciting time! and you have to visit Montreal...it's the best!

Tiger said...

Ahhh! Welcome! I'm not only a native New Englander, I'm a native Vermonter! I've also been reading your blog for qquife a while now, I've just never commented before! And, though I'm biased, it's an amazing place. Lands' End is my go-to for cute and warm winter wear, but since you're used to much warmer winters, I'd suggest you find yourself a nice North Face down jacket--I use mine for skiing, and general outdoor activities, sledding, etc.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions about anything at all! I'm pretty sure I know the are where you're planning on moving, (small state, proximity to Montreal, etc.) so just let me know if you want other info about the area!

Unknown said...

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Gramspearls said...

Not to worry....we moved from Houston to Ohio! You can order Duke's online and there's such cute Hunter boots. Shock allert: we wear 'more' makeup than the natives. Hold strong. Congratulations!

Warmly, Kathleen

Anonymous said...

I love how excited you are by becoming a Yankee. I would be so excited to be that close to Canada too! Cheese is also really yummy reason too. I bet the heating bill will be kind of steep during the winter months.

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Emily of Boston said...

Winters in New England have been weird... you'll go weeks without snow, and then BAM - massive storm. But you'll be fine. Just get some good tires on your car, and be careful!

You'll have to start wearing Northface and Columbia. Sweaters, scarves, pretty layering pieces.... it's not all that bad! :)