11 August 2010

what's cooking wednesdays

i have recently been so inspired by jocelyn t.'s raising foodies blog.  great goal, yummy recipes.  the beau had mentioned recently that he hadn't had nearly enough fresh, summer corn, so when she posted this recipe, i knew it had to be made.  then when i got my daily real simple e-mail with a recipe for cajun steak, we had a meal.  here's jocelyn's recipe for corn, jalapeno, and feta salad.  my suggetions/edits:  use one or two more ears of corn than she calls for. i added in fresh chopped basil as well.  and i used a goat's milk feta from westfield farm, a dairy i'm borderline obsessed with.  so, so good and SO easy! 

i used a flatiron steak, a cut i had never used before.  it was a wee bit tough, but in the steak's defense, i overcooked it by 2 minutes, so i will give it another go and see if it's any better when it's not that icky shade of grey in the middle.  i just kind of winged it with this.  i made a rub of garlic powder, lemon pepper, seasoned salt, cayenne pepper, lime juice, and a little bit of salt and pepper.  it would have been good with a little brown sugar, but i was out.  i let it sit in the fridge for maybe 2 hours and cooked it for 8 minutes on my trusty ole george forman grill.  next time i will cook it for 6 minutes, tops.  the boy ate 75% of the steak, so obviously he didn't mind it a little chewy.  i will say that this flatiron steak was the perfect size for the two of us, so if you're looking for recipes for two, this is a good one.

this was a great, quick summer night meal.  two thumbs up from this belle.

bon appetit!


Same Sweet Girl: Memoir of a Southern Belle said...

Oh wow. That sounds absolutely delicious!!! I think my husband would love that as well so I better get to cooking! Thanks for the recipe!!! :)