28 September 2011

my weekend

this past weekend was likely the last weekend until after the wedding that the beau and i had time to relax, so we took full advantage of it.  i was up bright and early saturday morning to head to my favorite place on the planet for a reunion planning meeting {yikes, we're old!}

walking into the football game with my college bestie with an airplane bottle of bourbon hidden in my purse brought back so many wonderful memories. 

after the game, i headed to two of the many fabulous vineyards in the area to pick up our wedding wine!

you should've seen my poor little volvo weighed down with all of this!  and this doesn't include the 3 cases of champagne on the way...

on sunday, the beau and i headed to my new favorite place on the planet: middleburg.  it is the most fabulous little town {a favorite of jfk and jackie, they planned to retire in a nearby town} and just a short drive from our new place.  we had brunch at a little bistro called the french hound, where the beau was uber excited to find croque madames on the menu {a recent obsession for him}. 

and they served the best bloody mary either of us has ever had.  yum!

we strolled around and peeked into some of the cute shops and made a mental note to come back post-wedding so we can spend more time there.  but we had to be back home in time to watch the ravens game with baltimore's cutest little fan.

from here until the end of october, we are busy, busy, busy!  final details of the wedding are being shoved are falling into place, and i am getting SO excited.  this weekend is my first big event at my new job, so once that's finished, i'm hoping to spend next week sharing some fun little wedding details and pictures from my bachelorette weekend. 

happy hump day!


Sarah Beth - Dixie Gator Gal said...

What a productive and fun weekend! Best of luck with the wedding countdown!

ms. mindless said...

Middleburg is one of my FAVORITE towns in Virginia! We need to meet up soon once you are past the wedding. I am so happy for you!

katmcd said...

UVA is my favorite place on the planet.