10 May 2012


I typically do not use this blog as a place to make political statements, but today I make an exception.

Tax-paying citizens should not be denied basic rights.  It sets a scary and dangerous precedent of government oversight when a not-so-large majority of voters in a non-general election vote can determine who gets rights and who doesn't.  I will never understand why some people are so determined to take away the pursuit of happiness from their fellow human beings.  It makes me incredibly sad.

The last line of the Pledge of Allegiance says "with liberty and justice for all".  While the majority of voters in North Carolina may not believe in that, I am so proud that we have a President who does.


MCW said...

Well said. No matter what people think of our president he should be applauded for taking a stance. I don't understand denying men and women basic rights such as marriage. If for religious reasons you do not believe in gay marriage then do not allow gays to get married in your church. That should have nothing to do with laws that govern the US population. Separation of church and state.

LindsB said...

Love this post! It's time the states that don't believe in "liberty and justice for all" get their heads out of their asses!

I'm a proud to say that I live in Massachusetts and everyone is equal here. It's time the rest of the country catch up with the times.

Nat said...

Well said- I could not agree more!! Every person only gets one life and they should be allowed to live that life they way they want!
How can people say gay marriage ruins the sanctity of marriage but Kim Kardashian doesn't even though she filed for divorce after 72 DAYS of marriage?? I'm pretty sure divorce is whats ruining the sanctity of marriage!

AEOT said...

I concur. With what you said and all the comments. I just do not get it AT ALL!!!