14 February 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

I've always secretly loved Valentine's Day, but it seems like it's uncool to admit that.  Like you're supposed to rant about what a made-up holiday it is, a commercial conspiracy theory between the card and candy companies out to get men to open their wallets.  And while there is definitely that side to the holiday {I'm not interested in the cheesy stuffed animals and cheap chocolates and leopard underwear staring me down at CVS}, I love the girlish bliss of it all.  An excuse to wear pink and eat sweets and buy pretty paper.

I think what I like most about it is how low-pressure it is and how it really can be whatever you make of it.  On Christmas and birthdays I always feel the need to go all out with gifts and decorating, but Valentine's Day, for us anyways, is low-budget and low-key.  Just making a little extra effort to show you care.

My two favorite Valentine's memories are actually from my single days.  My last year of college, my bestie and I organized a potluck dinner for all of our single girlfriends.  We ate like queens {goat cheese stuffed chicken, mac and cheese, cupcakes, chocolate-covered strawberries...mmmmmm}, drank Champagne, watched 'First Wives Club', and just enjoyed each other's company.  Then there was my first Valentine's Day all alone in my first apartment.  I splurged on a nice bottle of red wine and a feast from KFC {don't hate} and watched chick flicks on my teeny tiny sofa. 

If you've been in the closet about your feelings for Valentine's Day, today's the day to come out into the light.  Wear pink. Eat chocolates. Send cute cards. 

Happy Valentine's Day, sweet readers!


The enchanted home said...

Love you memories...great idea for the potluck. And the feasting on KFC and wine is so cute..sounds like a good scene for a movie!
Hope your day is a happy and sweet one:)

MCW said...

One Vday my friends and I did a bar crawl called "hogs and dogs." We ate hotdogs at someone's apartment and then went to all the bars in NYC that had a pig in the name. It was quite amusing!

I don't have Vday, but I don't live it either :) Just another day in my book at the moment!

McKenna Bleu said...

How fun is this! Happy Vday love, hope you have a fab day!


Jennifer @ Belclaire House said...

Haha I love this! I'm not a Valentine's Day hater either. Although, I sometimes miss the days of spending Valentine's Day with my girlfriends. But I also feel liek I owe it to my younger single self to enjoy it now. Plus, it's way more fun to celebrate than not, right? Happy Valentine's Day!