31 October 2014

Five on Friday

Happy Halloween! This week has been exhausting, so I'll be playing the part of grumpy witch tonight. Instead of dressing up and/or handing out candy tonight, I plan to be curled up on the couch in my PJs eating take-out sushi with the porch lights turned off. Good thing there aren't a lot of kids or teenagers in our neighborhood, or I might be waking up to a house covered in eggs tomorrow...

1. Great article on the inimitable Wes Anderson. #hatersgonnahate

2. Will be picking Halloween M&M's on clearance this weekend and making this popcorn-marshmallow-candy confection immediately.

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3. I love the way these turkey pheasant and magnolia wreaths look. The perfect wreath for this time of year.

4. I wrote about army coats and military parkas, so Elements of Style and Habitually Chic wrote about army coats and military parkas. You guys, I am obviously a MAY-JAH (that's "major" in Victoria Beckham speak) trendsetter. Word to the wise, I got that Gap coat and it runs HUGE.

5. My laptop is officially dead. We've had a good run these last 7.5 years, but it is dead and the kind folks at Apple informed me that my old Macbook is considered "vintage", which means they no longer make the parts to repair it. That sounds a bit like a rip-off to me, but whatever. My needs are pretty simple when it comes to a replacement: I want something that I can run Microsoft Office on for those rare occasions when I bring work home. I don't want a tablet (I think). Mainly I use it for blogging, online shopping, social media stalking, uploading pictures, and watching the occasional movie. I'm leaning towards the adorably small 11-in Macbook Air. I am not tech-savvy in the slightest bit. I just want something that works and that I can tote around with reasonable ease. What say you, interwebs? What do you have? Do you like it? Do you have it? What do I need that will meet my basic needs and not have me shelling out $$$ for fancy things that I will never use or understand?


Catrina said...

My "vintage" Macbook died a few months ago too! It was such a good little soldier. I ended up getting the cheapest Macbook Pro and love it. The Macbook Air was slightly too light for me - I felt like I was going to break it. The Macbook Pro is light (I got the retina display one, which has flash memory so it's lighter than the others). If you have a student email (or maybe your husband has a school email?), you can get a discount through Best Buy (I think 10%). That's what I did, even though I haven't been a student for 5 years (shhh).

MCW said...

I mean, you're such the trendsetter. I just got the JCrew New balances and feel very hip. Maybe I need an army parks too.

Oh...and I want one of those wreathes badly, but haven't pulled the trigger.

Baltimore Prep said...

I love those wreaths but can't justify the price! I made a cute little wreath for the front door but the weather elements have taken its toll and I'm in need of a replacement.

My 'vintage' macbook has been working on and off for the past year - not sure waht is wrong with yours, but I have learned that if mine sits for several months it seems to start working again (very frustrating!). When it finally bites the dust, I am probably going to buy an hp laptop - you can buy one for $500 these days. I have an ipad that I use for most of my computer needs, really just need the laptop for Microsoft Office!