08 June 2012

Friday Favorites

I saw this photo somewhere on the interwebs yesterday, and it makes me so flippin' happy I can't even stand it.  My brain cannot even process the awesomeness of it all.  Downside: I cannot find the original credit ANYWHERE.  If you know it, please do let me know.

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My inner hippie/trailer trash really wants a pair of cut-off denim shorts for weekend wear this summer.   There is just one problem...

I saw some post-reunion weekend pics of me from behind and we've got a case of the Betty Drapers going on with my junk.  I did that thing that I said I wouldn't do, which is gain the Newlywed 15.  In my case it's technically the Newlywed 7, but there were still a few pounds from the I Have a Boyfriend; Now I Eat A Lot phase hanging on that I never got rid of for the wedding.  
I am on a strict No Buying New Clothes rule until I am back to the frosty cold Betty Draper of yore that I much prefer.

{Speaking of Mad Men, can we talk about how freaking depressing this show has gotten?  I mean, it is still my faves, but srsly? I need to take a Xanax before each episode.}

Let's end on an extra pretty note, shall we?  There is nothing, I repeat, NOTHING, about this picture that I am not totally in love with.   It is basically identical to the look I am going for in our own home.  
Ginormous ginger jars? Check.  Federal bullseye mirror?  Checkitty-check.  
We've already got the big, comfy white sofa, those EXACT SAME LAMPS {only mine are brass and came from the Goodwill}, and the sisal/jute/seagrass rug {although ours is busted and needs an upgrade}.  Now to find the morbidly obese ginger gars.  Fortunately, my bloggy friend Jennifer has already done similar research.  Niiiiiice.

What are you lovelies up to this weekend?  I'll be leading the glamorous life of domestic help, as our condo needs a thoroughly deep cleaning.  I hope you're doing something way more fun!


MCW said...

I got a air of jean shorts and feel kind of white trash wearing them, but kind of like it. It's refreshing.

Jamie said...

I love that room picture. The sheep makes me smile too :)
Not a fan of the cutoffs, but I've got the been married a while and got three kids shape now.

MHM1314 said...

A CASE OF THE BETTY DRAPERS I am dying hahahaha

I too am carrying Boyfriend Weight around... don't totally hate it because he likes me regardless but it could go away

Jennifer @ Belclaire House said...

Betty Drapers! Haaaa! I love it!

That last image is one of the most perfect interiors I've seen yet. It's exactly what I want in my house too (shocking right). Thanks for the shout out! xo

ginastorm said...

I love the image of the two Betty Drapers that you showed. I'm feeling like the Betty Draper with the ice cream too.

Mad Men used to be one of my all time favorite shows, but this past season has really soured me. I cannot stand Megan and it seemed like every episode revolved around her. I'm mad that we'll likely have to wait another year before the next new season. Blah.

ms. mindless said...

I think you can make the jean shorts work! Go for it. When are we meeting up?