26 June 2012

Summer Bargains

Three recent bargains I had to share with y'all:
I snagged this dress on major clearance at Belk. Retails for $94, currently on sale for $27.  Note that the website lists the "designer" as Donna Morgan, but it's actually ND New Directions.  I'm thinking this will be tres cute with my gold gladiators and some turquoise earrings.

I've always worn J.Crew's vintage v-neck tees, but I've been kind of disappointed in them.  Several of them have gotten large holes in them after just a few wears and washes, and the ones that have held up have stretched out over time so that they don't fit as well as they initially did.  And I'm not saying over the course of a few years.  We're talking over just a month or two.  And these are for tees that cost almost $30.

As of yet, these Old Navy tees don't come in nearly as nice of a color selection, but I think the fit is MUCH better.  And if you buy 2 or more, they're only $7.50 each. 

We are big Bullfrog fans in my family, and M goes through a bottle of sunscreen a week during the summer.  This stuff normally retails for $9.99.  Tar-jay has it on sale for $7.99 this week and around the lid of each bottle is a manufacturer's coupon for an automatic additional $1 off.  Plus if you're a Shopkick user, there's a Target mobile coupon for another $2 off.

Happy shopping!


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness I am not the only person who has been having issues with J.Crew clothing getting holes in the shirts!

The Preppy Princess said...

Boo on the poor quality tees, that's good to know. I like the ones you show, and that dress looks like a *great* deal!

Sending you a smile,

Kate said...

I am going to try the Old Navy vnecks. I live in the Madewell v neck pocket tees but they are pricey!