15 January 2009

Let's Get Physical...

Lately I have had absolutely ZERO motivation to work out. I'm supposedly enrolled in 6:30am spinning classes on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and yoga on Saturdays and Mondays. I have officially been to one spinning class and no yoga. I've taken the puppy boy for a walk/jog, but cannot seem to find the motivation to do anything else other than hit the snooze button every morning when it goes off. So last night, while browsing the internet for workout motivation, I found it. My DREAM fitness regimen:

That's right....the Oreo Double Stuf Racing League. Have you seen this? They've been running commercials like crazy and I've decided that I could really throw myself into this. I'm personally playing for Team Manning (those boys are sooooooooo cute!) Who's with me?

I'm off to lovely Charlotte, NC tonight to host a young alumni dinner at M5. The menu looks delicious and it means I only have to work in the office until 11:30 this morning, so I am super pumped. That said, keeping 20 young alumni focused on the issues at hand rather than the free booze is always hard work...wish me luck!


Katie said...

Oh I LOVE the Oreo Double Stuf Racing League. Now that is a sport I could totally see myself getting into :0) And I have to agree with you...Team Manning all the way!

p.s. thanks so much for your post on my blog! I never believed people when they kept telling me that things happen when you least expect them, but apparently they really do. One of my old roommates met her now husband when they were partnered up at a beer pong tournament, and my other roommate met her now fiance at a sketchy night club during UVA's beach week in Myrtle Beach....they are the preppiest couple ever so it was really ironic. You just never know! I am keeping my fingers crossed for ya!