13 January 2009

Rich 50 is Middle-Class 38

So today may qualify as perfect. After a power outage on our north end of campus required me to stay over an hour late at work last night, I got a late-night phone call from The Boss Lady saying that there was no way power was going to be restored to our building today, so with no heat and no working computers, I got a FREE day off work today!

I caught up on about 5 episodes of 30 Rock (funniest. show. EVER. Tina Fey is a graduate of my college and I have never been so proud of my alma mater than when watching her rock her Sarah Palin impressions). This little number in pink arrived and it is even more adorable in person. The puppy has actually behaved (which normally means passing out on the rug and chewing on bones). And then it was off for an afternoon of shopping...

I live in a teeny town, so sometimes I get MAJOR Target withdrawal. It used to be that the nearest store was at least an hour and a half away, but we FINALLY have one within a 30 minute driving distance! They have tons of their fun housewares on sale (one perk of the crappy economy), so I highly recommend checking them out :)

A belated Xmas present from one of my besties (a Williams-Sonoma gift card and Season One of GG!) kept me entertained for the rest of the afternoon. I've decided on this and this from my fave cooking Mecca and spent the afternoon drooling over Blair Waldorf headbands.

Happy Tuesday!