10 July 2009

an open letter

disclaimer: yes, i was at taco bell. i didn't feel like making lunch and my boss was paying. and i needed my weekly once in a blue moon fix. stop judging.

dear 16-year-old with the metallic blue nail polish and boyf with questionable chin hair in line behind me at taco bell,

i realize that raging hormones and small-town selection have led you to believe that you are in love. and that's sweet. no, really, it is. but there is NO need for you to wrap both of your arms {tightly, i might add} around his waist, nestle your face into his neck/armpit, and grab his face every 30 seconds to make-out in front of pillars of the community me.

i promise you, he is embarassed when you do this. i was embarassed for him. it is not becoming behavior for a lady, and while i realize you may not be striving for that illustrious title, it is also just plain gross. not what i need to see before i eat my lunch.

keep it in your pants,
the belle

p.s. you are way cuter than him. and he didn't strike me as one of the but he's got a great personality types. just sayin.


Red and White Preppy said...

"But..but...I'm 16 and have found my soulmate!" Hehehe...I love it :)

Preppy 101 said...

That's always good for an appetizer suppressant!

Annabel Manners said...

Too funny! My favorite part was "questionable chin hair." So true, so true!

MLD said...

Too great. Glad to have those middle school romances behind me!

Polka Dots & Protein Bars said...

Hahaha love it!

Courtney Rae said...

Ahahaha this is disturbing. Oh to be young and think your in love.