09 July 2009

things i lurrrve

note: 'lurrve' is 'love', pronounced a la celine dion.

*watching the yahoo who tailgated me halfway down the interstate last night {i was in the right-hand lane...use the left for passing, buddy!} get pulled over by the coppers. oh, sweet satisfaction.

*great deals to be had at michael's and marshall's. picture frame for my newly won bit of ebay art for 7 bucks, bringing project total to $13. green zebra print michael kors beach towel for $10. fu dog bookend set for $16. cooking light 2008 annual recipes cookbook for $6. jackpot.

*sonic tater tots and a diet cherry limeade to refuel from above shopping. we have no sonic in my little town {sobbing}, so a visit is ALWAYS necessary when spending the evening with the parentals.

what are you lurrving right now?


Jenny Georgio-who said...


You just hurt my feelings. I don't have a SONIC anywhere near me....NO WHERE NEAR ME!!! They are huge in the South...and well...I live in Montreal. No Sonic Cherry Limeades for me.

So I'm loving that you get to have one instead of me. LOL

I saw this picture come up in my blogger dashboard and I instantaly recognized that yummy goodness!

Polka Dots & Protein Bars said...

Despite having multiple Sonics around me, would you believe I have never ever been to one??