13 October 2009

Fall Wants-Its: The Exercise Edition

let's continue along our fall must-haves path, shall we? i am the exhausted proud mommy of an almost-2 years old redbone coonhound rescue dog. he is a shedding, slobbering, hyperenergetic mess of an animal and i couldn't love him anymore. one of the best {and unforeseen} benefits of getting him was the drastic increase in my exercise requirements. he was bred to run and run and run. i live in a tiny apartment with no fenced-in yard on the busiest street in town, so he doesn't get any a lot of running opportunities during the day.

i never understood the allure of running {or really, any form of exercise} before the puppy boy came into my life. now not only is it necessary to keep him from LITERALLY bouncing off the walls of my apartment when i come home from work, but it's become necessary for my own personal sanity. i get super antsy if i go too long without a run. such a wonderful way to clear your mind and rock out to some awesomely bad tunes with no judgement. {the running mix on my ipod is seriously made up of only britney, lady gaga, and whatever other terrible teeny-bopper songs are topping the charts.}

alas, we are fast approaching the time of year where i really need something warmer to run in that shorts and a sports bra. i just bought new nike running shoes that i love, but here are the things currently on my running wish list:

it used to be i couldn't imagine spending sixty bucks on something i'm just going to sweat in. but these are amazing. i need to get another pair or two so i don't have to do laundry as much.

super cute. super inexpensive. super functional. AND it matches my running shoes!

the puppy boy has short hair, so he needs to stay warm too! love this eco-friendly, breathable, AND reflective jacket for him.

and for those days {i know they will be plentiful} when it is just too damn cold to go outside, i think it's about time i jump on this train and let tranny-voice jillian whip my tush into shape in the privacy of my own home.

i know many of your are outdoor running fanatics as well {mrs. newlywed and prep school 101, i am looking at you!}. any suggestions on things you can't live without for cold-weather workouts?


sarah said...

I like those ear muff/headband things...that look like a wide fleece headband. I use that when I run in the MidWest over Thanksgiving. I might die without it.

Black Labs and Lilly said...

I swear by my Nike Cold Weather dri-fit running coat. It has the greatest.hood.ever and keeps me warm even when its 15 degrees out!

Southern Champagne Wishes said...

Love the exercise clothes! I have been doing the Shred for a little over a week and could tell a difference after only a few days. Jillian is such a slave-driver, but it works!