30 October 2009

happy halloween + thanksgiving prep

{yes, i realize this is a day early, but i try not to post on weekends. so deal with it.}

thank you for all your sweet wishes for my recharge weekend! i'm still not back to 100%, but a weekend at home with my family was just what i needed.

i am so excited for this weekend! one of my besties is hosting a big halloween bash. it should be rather interesting, because her house is across from a park and in a neighborhood with a lot of young families. i can't wait to see what happens when kids ring the doorbell and find a bunch of tipsy people trying to relive their college glory days. hilarity will ensue.

i'm going as a ballerina. pink tights, pink tutu, pink leotard, pink ballet slippers, and pink ribbon in the hair. come on....didn't we ALL want to be ballerinas at some point? it's going to be a blast to wear a tutu with no judgement. and i am making these as my byob contribution. i thought this was just the cutest idea. although i've never actually had to chew a jell-o shot, i think after a couple of them it won't really matter.

the other reason i'm excited for this weeked is it signals the beginning of my FAVORITE time of year. the stretch between halloween and christmas is friggin awesome. i LOVE it!! i'm stealing a page from one of my favorite bloggers {and interior design obsessions} and have decided that for the month of november, i will post something every day that i am thankful for. play along! this should be fun...


Katiesperk said...

Ha! What cute jello shots!! Have fun!

LPC said...

Just so long as you don't wear actual pointe shoes. Those things are BRUTAL.:)

perfectly paisley said...

Those jello shots are too funny! Have a blast! :o) Happy Halloween!