05 November 2009

day 2: i am thankful for...

...starbucks christmas drinks!

i'm a bad blogger. i forgot to post yesterday and tuesday, so you're getting two posts today and tomorrow.

judge me if you must, but corporate america is alive and well if we're measuring by starbucks. year-round, i normally stick with tall skinny cinnamon dolce lattes. in the summer, it's the tazo passion shaken iced tea lemonade. but there is a magical time of year where one drink outweighs them all:

the white chocolate peppermint mocha. complete with festive sprinkles and that darling starbucks red cup. two years ago, i was stuck at the atlanta airport the day these drinks came out. i went to every starbucks in every terminal trying to get one. their peppermint syrup had not been delivered yet. they nearly ruined my christmas.

bonus this year: my little sister has landed a part-time job at starbucks while she's home for the holidays. hellloooooooo family discount!


Preppy 101 said...

Love those!! Merry, merry!! xoxo

Em said...

Love them too, and they have a Christmas pudding cupcake this year too apparently :)

Suburban Princess said...

Thank you! I now know what to order the next time I am in Starbucks! I love peppermint drinks!