23 November 2009

i am thankful for...

...t.j. maxx!

today i went in looking for christmas cards and decorations. i left with shoes.

but not just any shoes, oh no.

i'm on the tory burch e-mail list, and this thanksgiving with tory e-mail came out a few days ago. not only am i dying to try reva's salmon spread {yum!}, but i have been lusting after the isabella pumps that tory will be wearing on thanksgiving day. they are just soooooo up my alley. too bad that price tag is absolutely nowhere to be found in my budget.

enter t.j. maxx. i found a pair of guess heels that are IDENTICAL to the isabella pumps {except they're suede, not satin} for $39.99. i literally squealed in the aisle. and might have pushed a few people out of the way. i can't quite remember....i was in the haze of retail victory.

run to your nearest t.j. maxx location and see if you can snag a pair yourself. they also had them in a darling holiday red and an on-trend smokey grey. happy shopping!


Polka Dots & Protein Bars said...

I LOVE TJ's! What a great find!

Julie said...

TJ Maxx never lets you down! I'm so happy for you and your fabulous shoes!