10 December 2009

happy birthday, noodle!!



today is my sweet little puppy boy's 2nd birthday! we will be celebrating by heading to my parents' home so i can decorate for christmas {my mother doesn't have a creative bone in her body and she knows how much i like anything involving interior embellishments, so it works}. i bought pb some homemade pumpkin treats {shaped like christmas stockings!} and peanut butter treats at our local bakery. my mom has a "ginormous" {that was her exact word} soup bone waiting for him in the freezer. and he has a year's supply of heartworm medicine on the way from 1-800-petmeds {i know, i'm so generous. ha.}

i love this little dude so much. despite the fact that he has spent the past three weekends dropping deuces all over the new beau's guest bedroom. and despite the fact that he sheds all over the place and runs like hell when i come at him with the furminator {greatest invention ever}. and because he hates my obnoxious neighbors who leave cigarette butts all over my front porch and have impromptu rap sessions at 2am. and because he has the sweetest, wrinkly face ever. and because he is an awesome foot warmer. and because he always forgives me.

i love you, you little butthead!


KatherineBee said...

So cute!! Is your dog a ridgeback?