14 October 2010

a girl can dream

ugh, y'all, what a week!  all of the stress from last weekend's MAY-JUH {in my best posh spice voice} + attending my first-ever NFL game with the beau and his fam {go ravens!} = laryngitis.  oh yeah.  by sunday afternoon i couldn't swallow or speak.  oh yes, did i mention i got a stye too?  yep, nothing more attractive than a gal with a big pink swollen eye and a smoker's cough.  fortunately a trip to the doctor, a bottle of major pain pills, and a dozen warm compresses later, i'm feeling much better. 

unfortuntely, my house is not.  working non-stop last week/weekend {my usual house detox time} and then being sick this week means my house is disguting right now on SO many levels.  cluttered and icky and not pretty.  we're headed to UVA this weekend for homecomings {can't. freaking. WAIT. please see alice's posts here and here and here on why} which means no housecleaning will happen until monday after work at the earliest.  but my parents AND the beau's parents are in town next weekend {their first time meeting...yikes.} so i have got to have the house looking fab-freaking-tabulous.  can't have his mama thinking he's gone off and fallen in love with a tasteless slob.

while i'm up to my elbows in tilex and scrubbing bubbles and swiffer, please enjoy some pictures of what i wish my house looked like:

welcome! come on in.  admire the gorgie hydrangeas i grew all by my lonesome.

have a seat at my marble-topped tulip table in one of my lovely bistro chairs.  continue to admire my green thumb when it comes to purple hydrangeas.

{no clue}
watch as i whip us up something fabulous, a la ina garten.  how bad can that be?

we'll retire to my tory burch store-inspired library for after-dinner drinks.

and then relax and gossip in my something's gotta give-inspired living room. 

at the end of the evening, i'll kick-off my ysl heels and slip out of my chanel into some crisp brooks brothers pajamas in my TDF walk-in.

and slip into bed between my freshly laundered and pressed frette linens for a full 8 hours of sleep.

ahem.  and then i will wake up covered in dog hair in my target-dressed bed and shed a few tears. oh well...a girl can dream.


katmcd said...

YAY Cville for Homecoming. I will be there toO! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Love your new home ;) Feel better!!


Perfectly Imperfect said...

if you figure out a way to make your house look like that, just let me know. because my house is also currently in shambles. boo. hope things slow down for you a bit..

Pink Champagne said...

Dreaming right along with you, sister! Ah-mazing photos... le sigh. I want to move right in too! Good luck with the meeting of the parents!!

Kristin said...

Girl, I feel your pain. I've finished the front end of my house...now the back end needs my attention. I HATE cleaning!

...All Things Refined said...

I like the way you dream! We have the same taste.

The Zhush said...

Great dream...and love that OKL image as well!

Kristin said...

What I wouldn't do for that closet!

The Blushing Hostess said...

Love the green freshness of that last shot. Beautiful choices!

Kinsey said...

I love the closet! Wish mine look half as nice as that!

Fashion Meets Food said...

your house inspirations look fabulous. Enjoy decorating!