06 December 2010

a few of my favorite things

monday is upon us once again. our house is slowly, but surely, coming together and i absolutely cannot wait to share pictures with y'all!  but in the meantime...all this week, i'll be posting about my favorite things this time of year.  let's kick off this new week with lots of pretties, shall we?

 i always love kate spade, but they are just KILLING it with what they're doing right now!  every image is pure inspiration goodness and every item calls out to me.  here's a sampling of what is making my heart go pitter-patter these days:

three french hens christmas cards.  i may need to order these for next year's cards.  i'm a total francophile and i love how witty these are.  tres chic!

jingle bell studs.  i had a {much less sophisticated} version of these when i was in elementary school, so i love the trip down memory lane these provide.  i'm a stud earrings kind of girl and sometimes it's hard to find festive studs.  problem solved!

adorable mittens? check. stylish tiger print? check. partnership to help women in war-torn countries? check.  chic AND charitable.  can't beat that!

 i squealed out loud when i saw these.  is it a total hyperbole to see i need these in order to keep on living?

i am a perfume junkie. BAD. and kate spade's foray into the perfume world, twirl, come highly recommended by michelle adams, of lonny.  good enough for me.

i'm WILD about leopard print. {hardeeharhar}.  and wallets that double as clutches are the best.

and speaking of leopard print, you can snag this darling top on sale!

there are about a billion more things on the site that are to die for.  what are your favorites?


Preppy Girl Meets World said...

I love those Jingle Bell stud earrings as well!

MLD said...

I bought those cards to send out to my friends this year and they are absolutely adorable! My mom also got me Twirl for my birthday back in August and it is great!

MCW said...

I was in the Kate Spade store this weekend and fell in love with everything.

Pink Champagne said...

I just go crazy for anything Kate! Those cards are just adorable, and I think I NEED those ballet flats as well... le sigh. Adding to my Christmas list....

Meghan said...

I love those cards and the shoes. Super cute. My boyfriend accidentally told me he got me Kate Spade shoes, but I've been looking at so many that I don't know what it will be. Fingers crossed.

Miss Southern Prep said...

I'm totally obsessed with Kate Spade right now. She's always been fabulous, but especially so recently!