03 December 2010

things i am thankful for: day 5

the weekend! {i know, total cop out.} this week has just been all over the place.  several work emergencies, which, of course, all happened while i was out of the office moving.  the move itself...let's just say i don't show my best colors in stressful situations.  and this was a very stressful move.  the landlord at my old apartment complex has been an absolute beast to deal with.  i won't feel completely relaxed until next wednesday when, according to him, i am officially out of the place.  meanwhile, we're not completely settled in to our new house yet.  aaarghh!!

the beau is out of town for a conference this weekend, and as much as i will miss him, i'm looking forward to some alone time to unpack, organize, decorate, and just sit still! i finally got the bathroom unpacked last night.  tonight i tackle the kitchen. tomorrow and sunday will be sorting through papers, etc. that need to be filed, shredded, recycled, or trashed. and a big trip to drop-off items at the goodwill.  somewhere in there i'm squeezing in 4 hours of volunteer work for the junior league {which i'm very much looking forward to} and a quick trip home to see my mother perform in the handbell choir at my parents' church's christmas music production.

the beau comes home monday morning.  my goal is that by then our kitchen and my closet will be completely unpacked and i can have the slow cooker working away for our first homemade meal in our new house monday night.  wish me luck, because i'm going to need it!

bon weekend, my darlings!


KatiePerk said...

Whatcha cooking in the slow cooker!? Enjoy your weekend and I hope everything goes smoothly! I detest moving!

Pink Champagne said...

Obvious answer or not, I second that - thank goodness for the weekend! Hope yours is lovely! XO