31 January 2011

menu monday

monday: i'm headed out for sushi {yum!} with some colleagues, so the beau is on his own with leftovers.

tuesday: i've got a junior league committee meeting, so night deux of the beau on his own.  i have a feeling this means a chicken philly sub for him.

wednesday: chicken, shiitake, and wild rice soup.  i've been dying to try one of gina's skinny recipes, and this looks like straight-up cold weather comfort in a bowl.

thursday: broccoli quinoa with sundried tomatoes and goat cheese. inspired by my sweet bloggy friend, miss sweet tea. our veggie meal for the week.

friday: we're headed to the beau's hometown along with my parents for dinner with his parents because the next day...
saturday: our first engagement party! we'll be eating all of the yummy food his mom is making.

sunday: super bowl! as the beau is a diehard ravens fan {which, to the uninitiated, means he loathes the steelers more than words can describe}, we may be watching this at home just the two of us.  which means i may have to come up with a healthy, quick version of super bowl food at a moment's notice.  or just splurge on chinese take-out.  we'll have to wait and see. go packers!


Summer {Bisfor...} said...

thursday sounds delish!!!!!

Preppy Girl Meets World said...

I made that same quinoa recipe for dinner last night!

That sushi image is too too cute!

Miss Sweet Tea said...

i hope you like thursday's dinner!