01 February 2011

tres chic

sweet ashley at lemon and lavender tagged me with the stylish blogger award, so i've got to share seven things about myself and pass this on to 10 other bloggers.

1. i am a cheese FREAK.  especially stinky, bloomy rind french cheeses. but i don't discriminate...a good cheddar, a fluffy goat, down to an ooeygooey american "cheese" grilled cheese sandwich...i love 'em all!  this one is my current favorite.  i even have a cheese monger here in town who e-mails me when she gets in new products she thinks i would like.  it's safe to say i have a problem.

2.  i consider myself a major francophile but i've never been to france, unless you count layovers at charles de gaulle.  which i don't count.  i want so, so badly to go to paris and provence and the south of france and learn the secrets to being stylish and making effortlessly delicious food.  i am seriously considering buying the rosetta stone french program just because.

3.  we have a british prime minister in my family on my mother's side.

4.  i need all of my linens to be white.  white towels, white sheets.  it's not that i don't think other colors or patterns are pretty.  i just have a weird need for them all to be white.  the beau has noticed.  he was not happy about getting rid of his {god knows how old} black flannel sheets.  but he knows what's good for him.

5.  i am currently carrying around a paintchip in my purse of a color i'm trying to find for our wedding.  the color is valspar berrylicious.  it is the perfect shade of deep, deep pink that is almost red but isn't red and isn't fuschia or magenta and is like a geranium. i also sent our stationer the names of fonts i really like.  yes, i realize i am that bride.  and i'm totally ok with it.

6. i will wear a pair of jeans like 4 or 5 times before i wash them as long as i haven't spilled anything on them or been particularly active in them.  judge if you wish.  i like to think of it as a water/environmental-saving measure.  but really, i'm just lazy.

7.  as self-indulgent as it may be, if it had the money, i would TOTALLY hire a personal stylist.  someone who could dress me to be a combination of jackie o, jane birkin, and rachel zoe.

i'm passing this on to:
maggie at annabel manners
summer at b is for brown
katie at the perks

be sure to tag back to me if you post your own! can't wait to see what y'all have to say!


pve design said...

Thank-you. I am blushing...and here are my seven since I posted this last week....
1. Love white linens and white towels
2. I love meal planning for my family
3. Began drawing when I was little....and never stopped.
4. Born on St.Patrick's day
5. I go to the bank every week with rolled coins for my kids savings.
6. I have a tiny piece of dark chocolate most days at 5.
7. Higlights make me happy.

ms. mindless said...

i had a friend who was trying to find the exact same color you are talking about for her wedding. she found something pretty close, maybe by jim hjelm called "lipstick". You are not crazy. i was like that about green for a while. i also wear jeans for a long time without washing them. it extends the life of the color!

Lexilooo said...

I think that I could live happily on cheese and nothing else!

MCW said...

I so wear my jeans more then that. I hate having to get them to the perfect softness again!

Barefoot in the Park said...

i think my deram job might be to be a cheese monger. mmm.

Miss Sweet Tea said...

Ooh, thanks girl! I will post soon on my blog and let you know. PS - I LOVE cheese :)

Rebecca said...

new follower!! Your blog is adorable, and I probably go even longer without washing my jeans.. totally normal! :)

Pink Champagne said...

You simply must go to France - you will adore it! And I cannot believe that you are practically British royalty - how fabulous! XO

ASHLEY said...

love it! Paris is AMAZING! The hubby took me for Valentine's Day a few years ago!

Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

THANK YOU for passing this on!

You need to go to France...especially the South. So gorgeous. And it's okay if you're "that bride." Just know that the best comes after the wedding :)

Laura said...

Just found your blog- and its fabulous. I am totally with you on all white linens. I love the clean, fresh look. I love being able to bleach them. And I hate the way colored linens get faded after a while. I really don't like the feeling of just washed denim so I prefer to wear them quite a few times (as long as they stay clean). And cheese, my friend, is amazing. I'm adding you to my google reader :)

Annabel Manners said...

Thank you so much for passing this on! I'm embarrassingly behind on my blog correspondence - eek - but I'd love to post seven things and tag other fabulous bloggers. You would have been top of my list!