10 November 2011


During one of my pinterest marathons {which are becoming more frequent, BTW}, I discovered the darling shop Joules, a British lifestyle brand started by a father of two in Leicestershire.  Think a cheekier version of Boden.  And just like Boden, they offer USA shipping and pricing!  Here are the items that automatically went into my basket:

Those are little flying ducks! 

so cute and cheery.  it make take the place of my sought-after toggle coat.

And the piece de resistance.  This will be on its way to me as soon as possible.  I've got a real thing going for all things pheasant right now.  Don't ask me why.

And apparently they are famous for their wellies.  It's not hard to see why!

ZOMG. So adorable, I want it all!

Have you ever purchased anything from Joules?  I'd love to hear some firsthand feedback on quality and customer service!


SHF said...

I absolutely LOVE the rainboots! They are so cute. The ones with the back zipper are my favourite!


Anonymous said...


They make all kinds of stuff for the barn so I have lots... Order Away!



Emily's Going Nuts said...

Pinterest = amazing, and a huge time suck at the same time. We're in a love/hate relationship.

That pheasant shirt is AWESOME.

pretty pink tulips said...

What adorable wellies -- I'd love the pair with the back zippers! I swear I spent 6 months last year in wellies b/c it was so cold and wet!

xoxo Elizabeth

designchic said...

Dying over the ribble wellies...adorable!!

Legallyblondemel said...

OMG, wellies with pink-beribboned zippers! I'm asking my UK intel about Joules immediately & will get back to you if she knows anything.

Kate said...

I keep seeing the boots on blogs but I haven't heard anything about quality/customer service. I'm going to check how much it is to ship to the US. Very very cute boots!