16 April 2012

Menu Monday

Linking up with Rachel again today. Enjoy!

This ended up being a totally different recipe in my kitchen. My grocery store was out of basil and doesn't sell sustainable cod, so we ended up having haddock with mint-parsley sauce.  It was still very tasty, especially the sauce.

Mushroom Frittata {Cooking Light October 2009}
 We loved this meal, mainly because we were starving and it came together in a matter of minutes.  I used tarragon instead of thyme and I added a little Dijon mustard.  I think next time I would use herbs de Provence instead.  I served it with my favorite Ina salad.

No-brainer.  Dave's Gourmet Red Heirloom Sauce + Pasta + Red Wine {2008 Trio} = Happiness.

Simply Grilled Chicken and Spring Pea-sto with Whole Wheat Penne {Melissa d'Arabian and Rachael Ray}
Let me preface this by saying that I loathe Rachael Ray.  She annoys me to no end.  But occasionally, she has a few good recipes.  Kind of the culinary equivalent of a blind squirrel finding an acorn every once in a while.  Anyhoo.
I've made the original recipe many times and it is delicious.  But this time, I totally overestimated what ingredients I had in my kitchen and had to improvise.  Basically, I put the peas in the food processor with some jarred pesto, some fresh lemon zest and juice, and some fresh mint and that was the sauce.  It was delicious and was the perfect side for my favorite grilled chicken recipe.
Bon appetit!


AEOT said...

I love Rachael but I do understand that a lot of people find her annoying! Her 365 book has quite a few good recipes if you are looking for fast and easy. Let me know if you want them and I'll share my favorites!!

Brandy said...

I've never made asparagus before that but that looks so good. I might have to try it.

The Pink Pagoda said...

These look so yummy! Thanks for the comment -- you are so awesome to like EW! I love her too, maybe Custom of the Country is my #2, but really didn't like Ethan Frome one bit. Have a great day!

MCW said...

I CANNOT stand Rachel Ray either. She is one of those girl's in high school that tried so hard to be cool and just didn't cut it.

Everything looks so yummy! Very impressed with your cooking abilities.

REBrown said...

I'm the same way with Rachael Ray - when I hear "EVOO" I want to scream!

All your meals look amazing!

Rachel said...

Thanks for linking up again!!

The Roasted Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus Bundles look SO good!!

Portuguese Prepster said...

These all look delish and incredibly easy....I'll have to try them, especially the pesto pasta even though I hate Rachel Ray too!

Andie said...

I like Rachael Ray, but I can get how she annoys some people. I actually met her a few years ago and she's actually pretty normal in person.

But she does come up with some pretty decent recipes! I've tried a good many that have become staples in our rotation!