30 January 2013

Brain Dump

None of these are really enough to form a complete post, but here are some thoughts that have been rattling around in the old noggin recently:

1.  I am fascinated by cults and extreme fringe religious groups.  Not in a "I want to join one" kind of way, but I just think the psychology and history of them is so interesting.  A few years ago I went on a Scientology binge and after reading as much as I could about it, I find it horrifically creepy. They have done some shady shit to people.  {NPR's "Fresh Air" had a great interview about a new book on Scientology last week}  Last year I was really into learning about the personality cult surrounding the Kim Dynasty in North Korea.  My new obsession is the Quiverfull and Christian Patriarchy movements.  The Duggars are what really made the Quiverfull movement famous, and although I have never watched that show and never will, I can't. stop. reading. about these groups.  This blog {Love, Joy, Feminism} in particular is what I've been reading.  The author was raised in a QF/CP home, but went away to a large state school for college and ended up leaving her faith.  She blogs about her experiences and keeps a list of other survivor blogs.  She's mentioned Kathryn Joyce a few times on her blog, so I really want to read this book.

2. I'm not sure what rock I've been living under, but I have recently discovered the blog Into The Gloss and I am in love.  I am a closet product junkie and it's written in such a fun, whip-smart tone.  I'm kind of embarrassed {but not really} to admit that I was waiting with bated breath for the conclusion of their series on foundation. The only problem is I am going to have to stop myself from buying everything they recommend.  The Kiehl's Rare Earth Pore Minimizing Lotion is at the top of my list because my pores are seriously OOC.

3.  I am pretty much obsessed with watching French Food At Home reruns on the Cooking Channel.  Does anyone else love Laura Calder the way I do?  She's kind of a bitch and she's a little quirky, but that is part of her charm. Also she has like a Miranda-complex going on, where sometimes she is drop-dead gorgeous and sometimes she is really strange-looking.  Very confusing.  Anyhoo, her show is like escapism for me since pretty much all I ever want to do is make and eat French food and daydream about moving to France.  I want to get every single one of her cookbooks.

4. I've been having random, super intense food cravings recently {no, I'm not pregnant}.  Like last Sunday morning, I woke up and all I could think about was cream puffs.  No real reason why.  I just NEEDED cream puffs. What is that? Does that ever happen to you?


The enchanted home said...

Funny entertaining and informative! Will check out The Gloss. Yes, religions have always fascinated me as well like i had to look up every possible piece of information on Opus Dei after reading The Davinci code including wanting to go visit their offices until my mother nearly went into cardiac arrest so I put a kabatch on it:)
Yes random cravings are part of my eery day routine, and cream puffs would fit nicely into my cravings! Enjoy your day.....

xx BHB said...

I am definitely on board the Rando Food Craving Train!!! Typically I have my go-to foods but every once in awhile I'll wake up and think, "I HAVE TO HAVE A BURGER." It was actually the impetus for my artichoke casserole. I'm not even a huge artichoke heart fan, but I woke up one day and said, "I MUST HAVE THEM." So. There you go!

And cream puffs are freaking delicious.

We've chatted Mlle Calder before and I love her.

Baltimore Prep said...

I wasn't craving anything until I saw that divine photo of the cream puff!

I took an historical 'religions of the world' course years ago and have been fascinated ever since!