01 May 2013

Menu Wednesday

I can't imagine these being a bigger hit with us, and really, why wouldn't they be?  Fluffy baked potatoes, shredded beef, our favorite bottled BBQ sauce, and our favorite cheddar on top. And incredibly filling. I could only finish about half of mine.  OK...maybe 3/4.

Taco Pizza {Budget Bytes}
Yet another Budget Bytes home run.  The only thing I would change is my choice of salsa. We pretty much only eat hot salsa because we love spicy food.  But the heat made it hard to taste all the different flavors going on in this pizza.  Next time I would use a medium or mild salsa.  Otherwise I wouldn't change a thing.  It's like Taco Bell, minus the questionable quality.

Avocado Feta Pizza {Christian's Pizza}
I was back in my college town for a conference last week and of course had to eat my favorite pizza EVER. A friend of ours requested I come up with an at-home version of this and I'm not sure why I never thought of that before.  Stay tuned...

Buffalo Chicken Cobb Salad {inspired by Duchess of Fork}
Yum.  I kind of made up my own chicken tender recipe.  I used 5 tenders, dipped them in seasoned flour {flour, salt, and pepper}, then an egg beaten with water, then a mixture of Italian breadcrumbs and this Williams-Sonoma Buffalo seasoning that apparently is no longer available.  Sad face.  I baked them at 425 for about 15 minutes, cut into chunks, and then tossed with a bunch of Frank's hot sauce.  Our salad was a mix of spinach, lettuce mix, grape tomatoes, cucumber, carrot, and some cheddar cheese crumbles and tossed with Ranch.  Would be extra tasty with some corn and/or avocado.  

Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls {Southern Living 1995 Annual Recipes}
I had a mean craving for cinnamon rolls last week, so I made some from my sourdough starter.  Don't get me wrong; these were incredible.  But sometimes I can't help myself and need to fiddle around with a recipe.  Next time there will be more cinnamon {like twice as much}, I may add the raisins for some texture, and I will use PW's cinnamon roll glaze recipe.  M and his assistant polished these off pretty quickly, but the recipe made two pans, so we've got a stash in the freezer for this weekend.

Spinach Lasagna {Serious Eats}
I'm always  nervous about making lasagna because M's mom's is so good.  She makes a spinach lasagna, so I normally just stick to Ina or PW's meat-based recipes, but we're trying to cut back on our meat consumption {well...I am, so M is by proxy} so I thought I'd give this a go.  I used Rachel's suggestion of sautéed fresh spinach instead of frozen.  I just added it in before the garlic and red peppers.  It was easy to make {mainly just chopping and layering} and a winner! I think I maybe got 2 pieces from the entire pan.  M inhaled the rest.

Not Pictured: Hoisin Beef Tacos with Sweet & Sour Slaw from Budget Bytes.  We were too hungry to bother with taking pictures.  Good, solid dinner, but I'd rather just use the beef to make more stuffed potatoes.


xx BHB said...

I am salivating. OH YES I AM. I love buffalo chicken.

Sarah Brooke said...

Obsessed with that Christian's pizza too!

Karen Albert said...

Oh how yummy!

PS last day to enter my Paris Book Giveaway!
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Portuguese Prepster said...

Christian's is always good..but especially late at night!