06 May 2013

Two Recipes and A Horse

Most of last week's meals were either repeats or already posted in last week's Menu Wednesday post, but there were two recipes I wanted to share with you today.  

Pasta with Slow-Roasted Tomatoes {Dinner: A Love Story}
DALS is one of my all-time favorite websites and gives me the warm fuzzies about the day when I will have an expanded family to cook for.  Regardless of our DINK status, I am always finding great meal ideas for just the two of us from Jenny and Andy.  This may be one of my favorites from them.  And it is STUPID easy.  I used farfalle instead of penne {it's what we had in the pantry}, dried thyme instead of fresh, and I added the dollop of ricotta at the end. I only used about half the amount of Parmesan called for.  Definitely a new go-to pasta meal.

Stuffed and Grilled Bananas
We didn't use a recipe for this, but I think there are several floating around the interwebs.  We grilled chicken for dinner Friday night and had way too much charcoal going.  M wanted to make the  best of it and we had two bananas sitting in our fruit basket.  We had some graham crackers, shredded coconut, and a Hershey's bar in the pantry.  I crushed up one sheet of graham crackers and mixed with a handful of shredded coconut.  I slit the bananas down their sides, lined each slit with half of a Hershey's bar, and then stuffed in as much of the cracker/coconut mixture as possible.  Then I wrapped each banana individually in foil and we put them on the grill for 15-ish minutes and dug in with spoons. WOW.  Great way to make use of the grill after dinner.  Would be even better stuffed with Nutella...

On Saturday we attended the Virginia Gold Cup with some friends who were visiting.  This was the spread we came up with for 4 people, plus more food in another cooler in the car.  We barely managed to eat half of it, but you better believe we ate every bit of that fried chicken.
While wondering around Member's Hill, we saw a group of people playing something called Bear Pong.  They invited our guys to play.
Which ended in a picture of what appears to be my husband kicking a small child dressed as a pirate. As one does.
I snapped this pic moments before another jockey was thrown from his horse right in front of us. They had to bring the medics out onto the course and it was awhile before he moved, but he was able to walk into the ambulance himself. So scary!
 We NEVER seem to get any photos of the two of us, so I was thrilled to have one to remember such a wonderful day {and to show our grandkids what a stud their granddad was}!


xx BHB said...

You are cute AS ALWAYS

and yes, I read the "and a horse" in the title and though..


MCW said...

I want that banana. Yumm.

Samma said...

What a beautiful background/venue for the Cup! Love your dress by the way- I am attempting to wear maxi dresses this summer, so I have been paying extra attention to ones I like.

The enchanted home said...

You are adorable...cute couple! I love your spread....would be fun to be a guest at your picnic....those bananas, YUM!

Our French Inspired Home said...

Your post title raised my curiosity today! The stuffed banana is a great idea. I could see doing that as a dessert bar and having all kinds of goodies for kids to add. We have been DINK"s for almost 11 years, but that is about to change in 12 more weeks, not that she will be eating stuffed bananas anytime soon. I think we would get along great, as that seems to be just the right amount of food for four people in my opinion :). -Tonya

Portuguese Prepster said...

omg that banana idea is incredible! That spread looks super yummy

Andie said...

we do something similar to your banana idea when we go camping, but sometimes we just wrap stuff in aluminum foil like pie filling, marshmallows, graham crackers, etc.

If you search "campfire cones" on pinterest, there are tons of recipes! :)