25 July 2013

Checking In

Greetings from 66 degrees-in-July Vermont!  I didn't mean to go so long without blogging, but every time I sit down to post, I just kind of stare at the screen with nothing to write.  I figure this is one of those get back in the saddle things, so I'm just going to get this first post over with and hope that inspiration follows.

So far, we are absolutely loving it here.  Minus the nonstop rain our first week here and the less-than-ideal conditions of our temporary rental, everything has been wonderful.  We've met wonderful new friends, started a running list of restaurants to try and checked several off the list, and enjoyed our unbelievably beautiful new city's weather.

I'm still searching for a job and I'm about to hit my breaking point. I have my third interview today with one company and a phone interview with a different company today.  I have every possible extremity crossed in the hopes that one of these will pan out and I can actually make some money.  I quickly learned I am not cut out for the ladies who lunch lifestyle.  The first week of not having to work was pretty fun.  Sleeping in, baking cookies, running errands whenever it suited me...all very enjoyable.  But not I'm just bored.

The dogs are settling in nicely.  Honestly, they're doing better than we expected. Ozzie is still...Ozzie, but his anxiety attacks haven't been anywhere as severe as I had prepared myself for. Jake is a champ...he's fine as long as he has his bed and food dish.

I'm hoping to ease back in to some regular posting if I can get my act together. As crappy as our temporary living arragements have been, our neighborhood is a dream come true and I'd love to share some pictures of the adorable houses that we drool over on our nightly walks.  That said, M has to have outpatient surgery on Monday, so I will be playing nurse most of next week.

I promise I'm still here and still reading.  Stick with me!


Marsha Splenderosa said...

Hi Sarah, so happy you posted! I am in full-on envy about your weather in Vermont as I'm in Houston where it's HOT HOT HOT. Good luck with the job hunt, something wonderful will turn up soon, I just know it. Next time show up some pics. xx's

Baltimore Prep said...

Good to hear from you! Glad everyone is settling in and you are all adjusting. Good luck today!

The enchanted home said...

Great to hear from you. This weather is nuts here too...100 one week 65 the next. Today feels like pre fall, perfect day to be in with some kind of stomach bug:(

Glad to hear its going well...I have a feeling you are going to LOVE your new home and cannot wait to hear all about it. The best, I am sure, is yet to come!

{Jessica} said...

Can't wait to hear more about it! Vermont is going to be such an amazing place to live. Good luck on the job hunt! And hoping your husband's surgery goes well!

xx BHB said...

Oh no, I hope M is ok! Will be thinking of him next week

I (hoped?) knew you guys would love VT. If I were exorbitantly rich or had a job that I could do remotely I would move to a New England farmhouse in a heartbeat.

MCW said...

Glad you all are settling in and already making friends! Hopefully time flies in your rental and the job pans out!

LPC said...

So happy to hear from you!

And just remember that with job-hunting, it's statistic. Make x calls per day, go on x interviews per month, eventually it will happen.

Portuguese Prepster said...

glad to hear your doing well! excited to hear more about your new Vermont adventures!

jess said...

I just found your blog hope you start blogging again because I really want to read!

p.s. I'm originally from Upstate NY right next to VT. I moved to Western NY and miss being home, lol, so if you want any tips on things to do (or clothes to buy!) I've got a whole stockpile :)