30 September 2014

Yeezy Style

I spent Labor Day weekend in Atlanta; I was in town for my college bestie's engagement party. When she picked me up from the airport, we went straight to DSW so she could look for some last-minute more comfortable shoes for the party. I headed over the clearance section for a quick look and found myself trying on a pair of shoes I never in a million years thought I would've tried on.
Yes, those are high top wedge sneakers. One year of living in Vermont and I have turned into a total hipster. I was thisclose to buying them, but these were just a tad too snug. I came home and Googled them (duh) and I cannot decide whether or not to take the plunge.
On the one hand, I think they would look super fierce and fashion-y with some faux-leather leggings and a big sweater. On the other hand, I am neither fierce nor fashion-y and I feel like I would be a big ole fraud stomping around in them.
When the Isabel Marant sneakers came out, I was all, "Ew, fashion people are so weird. Who would wear those?" Now I'm all, "Gisele is wearing them, they are actually kind of cute." Also, cute footwear in Vermont between November-April is pretty much limited to LL Bean boots and Sorels, so I feel like these would help me step up my cold weather style game. 
Also, I don't know what color I like. 

I'm inclined to go with the simple black/silver/white, but I mean...if you're going to by high top wedge sneakers, why not throw in some aqua while you're at it?
Am I crazy? If you saw me wearing these, would you silently judge me?


ms. mindless said...

You are not crazy. I think you could look super cool in them. Though I don't love the aqua pair...I do like that they have gold. Go for it!

Baltimore Prep said...

I cannot get anywhere close to being behind these for myself, but Gisele rocks them and I have a feeling you would, too!