28 January 2010

the one in which hell freezes over

because i found a vera bradley pattern that i {gasp!} actually like.

remember this post? yeah, i still hate the stuff. but ummm....have i mentioned my obsessive love of toile? i saw someone carrying this pattern {imperial toile} the other day and freaked. out. this is the exact color scheme/graphic pattern of my bedroom. it is shockingly chic, especially coming from the maker of quilted fugliness seen the world over.

you will never, i repeat NEVER, catch me carrying any tote or purse-like item made from this stuff. {why would you when there is this or this to aspire to?} but i am now scouring ebay for some of the more subtle items {i.e. the hard sunglass case, the cosmetic cases, and some of the desk accessories}.

chinoiserie dreams!


KatiePerk said...

Too funny! I have the light blue toile pattern in luggage. But I agree some of her stuff is just fugly. If I find any in my thrifting I will send it your way!

Suburban Princess said...

I know what you mean...there are some really ugly patterns over at VB! I love my VB purse tho...but it is one of the nice patterns.

icing on the cake said...

Sooo cute. I may need to get something in that pattern for K - her nursery is black and white toile - which I LOVE.

Heather Henderson said...

i agree - that stuff is fugly!!