04 July 2009

happy 4th of july!

make sure to put your puppies and kitties inside!

"a little rebellion now and then is a good thing" ~thomas jefferson

hope everyone is enjoying beautiful weather and delicious cookouts! i am decked out in my red, white, and blue and celebrating in true revolutionary fashion: i am in mr. jefferson's beloved home town {and home of my beloved alma mater, THE university} of charlottesville, virginia.

monticello, mr. jefferson's beautiful home. i could give this tour blindfolded in my sleep.

all of the men {and women!} of the american revolution were truly extrodinary, but i hold mr. jefferson dearest in my heart. as the father of my university and as an incredibly fascinating character. check out this nytimes post from last week if you don't believe me. i dare you not to cry at the words he and his wife wrote to each other in her final days.

today i am not only saying prayers of gratitude for the men and women who protect our freedom today, but for the men and women who dared to believe we deserved freedom many years ago. do yourself a favor: go out and rent the john adams miniseries produced by tom hanks and hbo last year. better yet, read david mccullough's book. too often we think of these men as the blank faces on their currency, but this film did a phenomenal job of showing their humanity and just how much they risked when they embarked on the journey of the united states.

committing treason is fun!

so thank your lucky stars {and stripes} for the brave folks in our past and present who keep us and our freedom safe. i'll be having mine with a side of hot dogs and peach cobbler.