23 September 2009


in serious need of stress relief, preferrably in the above form

hello, my lovelies! yes, i am still alive, but just barely. in the past week i have:

*survived the atlanta monsoon
*spent 5 hours stuck in the atlanta airport due to said monsoon whilst scaring myself silly reading in cold blood
*had my version of a celebrity sighting {stephen drucker, editor-in-chief of house beautiful and, more importantly, frequent dinner guest of ina garten. degree of separation between me and the barefoot contessa has now been reduced to one. score.}
*received a kiss from my oldest, dearest guy friend. i was completely caught off guard and am now dealing with the corresponding feelings of WTF.
*had a less than 18 hour trip to d.c., complete with speeding ticket on the way home. not awesome. {drivers of interstates 66 and 81, beware: we counted 9 cops on our 3 hour drive.}
*needed to restrain myself from throttling tg about 211 times.

and it's only wednesday. i also have to find the time this week to interview some 30-odd students for office jobs, figure out a training schedule for the ones who are hired, prepare a 45-minute presentation to be shown twice on saturday, get ready for our massive on-campus volunteer events this weekend {starting bright and early friday morning and ending last-man-standing during the wee hours of saturday night/sunday morning}, oh yes, and engage in a screaming match with the dry cleaners who have apparently lost THREE of my fall j.crew wool herringbone pants and several work blouses. and i leave for new york a week from tomorrow.

so, as you can see, i am a bit of a mess right now. i promise to get my act together some time in the near future and catch up on all your posts and comments and write something of interest to share. hope you all are having much more enjoyable weeks!


B.E.A said...

Whew! Sounds like you need a bottle of wine-not a glass! I hope everything settles down for you!!

Suburban Princess said...

Wow! You deserve a drink! Or Three!

Nice work on the Barefoot Contessa link!

Kell said...

glad to hear that you're still typing (and standing) after all of that! god bless you, girl - HAVE A DRINK!!


sarah said...

You definitely need a glass of wine!

The dry cleaners once ruined a batch of my clothes and I thought I was going to lose my mind! Hope everything settles down soon!

Miss Sweet Tea said...

Whew - that's a lot! I hope your week gets better!! So what's up with that kiss?!

Kassie said...

jeez girl, you need that glass of wine!! Hope that your week finishes better.

Beth Dunn said...

Reading in cold blood is spooky sans the weather. Glad you survived! xoxo