04 September 2009

perfect start to the weekend

so last night was really lovely.

first, my new mattress was finally delivered.  all i have to say is, money well spent!  now if only target would get on the ball delivering my new bed...

second, my little sister came to visit {a long story for another time, but i'm always happy to see her, no matter the circumstances}.  we made this for dinner.  it was the perfect combination of summer ingredients {fresh tomato, basil, and mozzarella} and fall texture {mmm...warm, creamy risotto}. i now have my culinary goal for this fall/winter: mastering the art of the perfect risotto. even though our meal was good, it wasn't outstanding.  i just don't quite have the hang of it.  if you have any good risotto recipes, please send them my way!

last, college. football.  need i say more?

i hope you all have a wonderful long weekend and squeeze in these last few days of white shoes!!


sarah said...

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

Southern Champagne Wishes said...

I am oh, so sad to have to put my white shoes away!

I love risotto, specifically a vegetable parmesan risotto that I used to get at a restaurant that recently closed down! Wish I knew how to make it!