08 September 2009

help needed!

hello, lovelies! hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend. i was one of the three americans working yesterday....ah, the joys of working for a private school.... so i've enjoyed living out my labor day vicariously through your posts.

i desperately need your help! one of my darling friends, t, is hosting a potluck breakfast party saturday morning before our community wine festival. i want to make something savory, along the lines of a breakfast casserole or something. it needs to have broad appeal {the guestlist includes new parents, over-the-hill frat guys, and my favorite gal pals} and it needs to be portable. no souffles or quiches. i have poured over my cookbooks and several websites and come up with nothing.

i KNOW that one of you {or more likely all of you!} has a fabulous brunch recipe that fits the bill and that you're just DYING to share with me. if so, PLEASE post the recipe in the comments and/or e-mail it to me at scg2b@virginia.edu

thanks in advance and happy tuesday!


katie said...

google "french toast casserole recipe"

I promise it'll be delicious - especially if you find one with apples!