14 January 2010

wednesday's child is full of woe...

....or in this case, thursday's child.

it is 9:30 am. so far today, i have:

*fallen down a flight of stairs
*cleaned up dog poop
*burned my hand and my tongue on my breakfast
*chased my car through the parking lot {it somehow knocked itself into drive from park. please tell me how this happens when no one is in the car?!}
*driven an hour to get clean laundry {long story}

i am seeing a very large glass of wine in my future tonight.

stay tuned for tomorrow's first installment of frugalista friday!


KatieSPerk said...

My goodness. This has not been your day. You can have 2 big glasses of wine after all that! Hope tomorrow is betteR!

Brittney said...

Oh my gosh! You definitely deserve a big old glass of wine. Maybe 2!

LPC said...

It's nighttime somewhere:)