30 June 2010

high low

things i am loving about the detox:  eating all of the yummy fresh strawberries and blueberries that a colleague brought to work today

things i am not loving about the detox:  not eating the homemade pound cake and whipped cream that went with the berries

that is all.


Trish said...

Stay strong sweetie! Wish I could be eating berries with you, yum yum yum! Would it be bad to have just a *little* whipped cream with your berries? Just so you get the taste? Proud of you, you're motivating me!! :) xoxox

RaleighEM said...

hang in there! you'll feel so much better without a pound of pound cake in your gut...even if it is delish.

Emily's Going Nuts said...

LOL... doesn't that suck? I'm just now starting a detox myself, and it's really tough to see yummy food and not being able to eat it.

Anonymous said...

Coffee and diet coke would be the things I would miss the most.