08 June 2010

ooh la la

feeling very continental this morning after a breakfast of a croissant and an espresso.

yes, i realize this is in nyc and not paris.  but it's the croissant and coffee, you see.

never mind that the croissant came from food lion and the espresso from our shitty office basically instant coffee machine.  if i close my eyes and drown out the sound of the copy machine, it's almost like i'm sitting chanel and louboutin-clad outside of a little french cafe.

damn it, now i want some brie and macarons.


Beth McC. said...

This cracked me up! Hope you have a great Tuesday!

MCW said...

I was picturing you sitting in a small cafe! Sorry it is at your desk! Almost as good ;)

Preppy Girl Meets World said...

This post made me smile so much. And now thanks to you, I too, want a macaroon!

Kate said...

as i sit here eating my lunch of dried fruit snacks, i'm trying to pretend that i'm actually in greece eating figs and watching the reflection off the adriatic....hmm. still mostly just tasting fruit snacks. loved this post!