22 June 2011

wedding wednesday: beach wedding

in keeping with my {hopefully not too} distant dream of becoming a wedding planner, i started a board on pinterest {duh} for wedding inspiration outside of my own wedding.  when the beau and i were first engaged, i spent a nanosecond considering a wedding on maryland's eastern shore.  the beau is a bawlmer {that's baltimore to the uninitiated} boy born and bred.  his family has a house on the eastern shore and his sister lives there.  for a multitude of reasons, we decided against it, but i still harbor {ha! get it? harbor? beach? ok...yeah} major beach-wedding lust.  here's a little taste of what my beach wedding would look like:

almost makes me wish we had done a beach wedding after all!


Little Miss Can't Be Wrong said...

so so pretty! i love all the little touches, especially the sand dollar!

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FFC411 said...

I just went to a great Nantucket wedding this past weekend - check out the photos on my blog! Great ideas!